Training/Creating Troops

How about the ability to create new troops in the barracks? I feel like the progress of leveling troops can be immensely slow, and like this people would have enough troops to really also upgrade different troops that fit better to certain heroes.
I propose the use of items not necessarily used too much already, but more importantly the main ingredients would be combinations of food, iron and recruits.
As for which troops to recruit, I propose the following options:
1-star, any color
1-star, specific color
2-star, any color
2-star, specific color
I think to be fair to the people who have and will spend gems on troops, the option of recruiting 3- and 4-star troops should not be available.
Give this post a vote if you agree, we might just get some attention :wink:
Thanks! :smiley:

This would be awesome if it passes. But goin to be a hard sell when some people spend $1k on maxed 4* troops


Yeah I think it should be quite limited tho, that progress is still rather slow. Because of how getting troops is so terribly random, a bit of control would be nice!

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They would need to start with elemental troop summon - there is elemental hero summon already so the elemental troop summon is missing.

I am afraid to lvl up my blue 3* troops past lvl 3 cause if I will draw 4* troop i have nothing to feed him - and it would bring more monies to SG as well as ppl level more troops


I think a troop training similar to tc20 would be an improvement. Take 2 days and ex amount of recruits and food to make a 2* or higher troop(chose 2* ans higher since the troop pool is so small and limited that i doubt SG would go for only 3*/4* troops)


I suggest something like :

  • barrack level 11, that will churn out 1* troops
  • Barrack lvl 12 to churn out 2 * troops
  • Barrack lvl 13 with chance of rare 3* troops
  • barrack level 14 with chance of 4 * troops

Since it takes appreciable length of play to get those levels, it will be fair on our advanced players who had spent time and $ to max their troops, besides the chances will be similar to TCs, creating some balance betw Ftp and PtW.

Not sure I have much vote left, but I will vote for this.


IT is also my idea top. IT is good that we can train heroses but will be for create and train troops

I cant like yours post. Becose i cant see heart to clic

Why having the troop summon is nice! Innovation is always blasting off in the world. Therefore it is my suggestion to implement a level in tc that allows training of troops. It would not cost money but intel other things need maybe 20-45 recruits etc etc. yes there other avenues. But as you progress in lvls it becomes tougher to level up troops more options a major plus. Also, since it exist on a good amount of areas for hero’s, why not troops? I wish to consider the feelings of all and neutrally I would find this beneficial to have. I understand some like the same ole with specific change in certain areas but I hope will be open minded about this.

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Brilliant idea :slight_smile: Please do it!

I want this. I would even be ok if there was the training level 21 for 1-2 days which would eat a lot iron (they need weapons and armour after all), a lot of food and a moderate amount of troops.

Element troops summon sounds also pretty cool

I see no reason why your heroes can ascend with any colour/hero type while the troops need to ascend with troops of the same colour? Please fix this… Thanks

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I just had an idea how the troops could be added to the training camp - have another research option. Maybe somehow integrate it to the train camps or make a new building for updating old buildings.

In case of the training camps, after researching the elemental trainings that nobody uses, there would be an option to use those trainings as they are or start another research, which would add troops into the pools and increase the cost of the training, of course, while maintaining the 1d training time

How about a building that would create troops that we could use to train heroes at the barracks?

There is one already. It is an Advanced house, but you need Stronghold 21 first.

I think OP meant 1 and 2 star troops that you are able to get during a daily summon.
I like the idea, it would simplify leveling up troops.

Thanks @Merry_me,my bad, misread the OP. Was confused by the training heroes bit.

This is a good idea… and it was suggested in this post: Training Camp - REDESIGN PLEASE

To add “Create Troops” to an advanced training camp level…

Funny I was just about to ask about this as well to maybe create troops from TC or barracks bc it’s Soo slow and expensive to feed em

I’ve been playing the game for a while now and so far I am loving the new building conversions. I’m looking forward to seeing what new dimensions these bring to the game. One thing I feel is missing is a way to produce troops. We have the barracks for leveling troops up, but other then happenstance from the daily summon, dropping from the map, or spending gems on epic troop summon, there really is no way to produce troops. This is where my idea of the Mercenary Camp comes in. It could be a training camp conversion that has ten levels, like the other building conversions. The cost could be an amount of ham and iron (feeding & armaments) and a 1* (Adventure’s Kit, Practice Sword, Training Manual) or 2* (Dagger, Leather Armor, Wooden Shield) item/s. The level of the building and what it would produce would be as follows:

Mercenary Camp

  1. Random 1* Troop
  2. Random 1* or 2* Troops
  3. Random 1* or 2* Fire
  4. Random 1* or 2* Ice
  5. Random 1* or 2* Nature
  6. Random 1* or 2* Dark
  7. Random 1* or 2* Holy
  8. Cheap but Slow Random 1* or 2*
  9. Possible 3* or Lower Troops
  10. Possible 4* or Lower Troops

I think this could be a good addition to the game and I hope players and the devs would agree!

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