Training Camps - THE TRUTH

Pardon me if there are plenty of language mistakes in the text below… but honestly, I believe everyone deserves to know the truth about our training camps.

It was a bright, sunny morning in the Mighty Panda Castle. A young fledgeling was happily following a castle guide towards the main training camp.
– And who’s that tired girl? - he asked the guide while pointing at a person leaving the camp.
– If I remember correctly, that would be Aife. - answered the guide.
– Pardon if I’m rude, but why is she so… plump?
– Oh, she’s gone through the level one training.
– Aaaaand… how is that related? - young fledgeling kept pressing for the truth.
– Totally forgot you’re a newcomer. Naturally, she’s eaten the other four candidates.
– WHAT?!?
– She’s the last one standing.
– Is the training always like that?!?
– Well, technically you aren’t forced to consume your opponents. You just need to win.
– And what happens to the other people?
– Naturally, they die. - the guide shrugged.
– Cannot they… I do not know… give up or something?
– Oh, they can.
– So why don’t they?
– Beast fodder.
– Huh?
– Or mobile archery targets.
– Is it always like that?
– We like it simple. It is a last man standing. Well, not always a man. Man, woman, sometimes lizard. You catch the drift.
– Aaand, why is that guy crying in the corner? - young fledgeling pointed at a sobbing creature sitting by the wall.
– Ah, he’s doing level twenty training.
– Is that way worse?
– Ninety-nine opponents.
– All gonna die?
– One will survive.
– But why? Why like this?!?
– Last man standing is really popular among the viewers lately. They call it battle royale or something. Youth trends are difficult to follow.
– Can I… can I give up?
– Hahahahhaha!
And in they went. May the luck be with the young fledgeling.

If there is any other explanation of how the training camps work… feel free to share.


As the sun rose from behind the famed Training Camp, long shadows leapt forth towards Fred.

Fred had been ‘saved’ by a roaming band of “heroes” near Isgilham. The mercenaries his family had paid to protect them hadn’t stood a chance against the merciless warriors and magicians who came to “liberate” them. Fred had plead with his captors to take his entire family. His brothers, his father were still able bodied. They could serve the kingdom. But the heroes stated only “we can only take between 7 and 10 recruits at a time. I’m sorry but that’s our Policy.” And so it was that Fred was carried off while his family watched.

… “but don’t worry. We will be back.” Said one of the seasoned heroes. “We always come back.”

Now, later that same afternoon Fred stood atop a mountain, with magical flowing water and a curious little dragon that stood atop the city’s keep. And more shadows began to dance at his feet. It looked as if recruits were being lined up in front of him.

Olaf came by, and pointed towards the Training Camp. “Fred, you need to get in line there with the other recruits. It’ll be… fun.”

Fred, not willing to take on a fully armored Olaf right after breakfast, joined the other recruits in line. Fred expected that he would be given a wooden sword to battle other recruits with. That made sense. Maybe he could become a hero, and return to save his family.

In the middle of the field, two warriors patted wooden swords against one other lazily. Fred could hear them talking:

“Why do they make us do this every day? No one buys that we drag 100 scrawny recruits in here and a world class hero walks out… I mean who would believe that? And all we need to make it happen is what, some leather armor and an adventurer’s kit? Do they think the people living here are stupid? They probably think we are stupid, huh?”

“Hey man, as long as they don’t send me down those stairs, I’ll have ‘sword fights’ with you every day until eternity!”

Fred thought: “what curious things to say… I wonder if I should be concerned.”

The sound of clapping wooden swords continued as Fred was ushered towards the rear of the Training Camp. Ahead, underneath the watch tower were stairs - leading into the earth. The recruits marched onward, down the steps.

Fred went down the short spiral staircase, and entered into an open room with armed guards. Ahead of Fred glared an ominous portal. The guard motioned towards the Portal, telling Fred:

“Go ahead in, that’s our armory. You’ll be allowed to choose between bow and arrow, sword, staff, whatever you please.”

Fred gulped. No going back now. He dipped his toe forward into the portal. As the tip of his toe touched the warm plasma, his soul was ripped from his body, and his corpse was dragged through into the naetherealm.

And so it was, that Fred was no more.

After all 100 recruits had met this fate, a daemon appeared in front of the Emperor’s TC advisor:

" I have received the recruits, as agreed upon" the beast snarled.

“Once the food has been delivered for my people, we will begin the work of crafting you another ‘hero’ - to be delivered within 48 hours. A pleasure as always, advisor.”

“Yeah if you deliver us ANOTHER frickin’ Ishtak we are gonna HAVE A PROBLEM!!” The advisor shouted into the portal. The daemon smirked, and vanished into the void.


Now that’s another secret you’ve touched upon, that is, who operates the portals… and for what reason…

PS Nice one. I enjoyed the read :slight_smile:


Thanks! I enjoyed your original idea haha. Well written and a fun thought :slight_smile:

I felt like we have portals powered by tokens and gems, maybe these portals are powered by food and recruits… but yes who and what is on the other side could certainly be a very big discussion, and maybe a place for the game to one day explore story wise :slight_smile:

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Lmao. I like the stories guys. But I don’t think that’s how it works :stuck_out_tongue:

I view it as one is chosen to battle with the remaining recruits who weren’t chosen until he’s powerful enough to come out. 30 min fighting 4 guys gets you to 2* level max, 2 days fighting 99 others gets you to 5* max, 3* min. The leftovers go home, tired but not having trained as hard since they didn’t fight everybody else non-stop but just one person a few times.


thats what they want you to believe


dont fall for the lies!