Training camps covered in cobwebs

So I know there’s an element of randomness in the game, but over the the last three weeks (of daily map play), I have received exactly 5 adventure packs – I’ve been making notes.

If I squint hard enough and peer into the training camps, I swear I can see the trainers twiddling their thumbs.

I’ve tried all of the popular levels for farming packs and I’m just coming up dry.

Hopefully things take a turn, because I worry that my trainers will start going stir crazy. Maybe they will leave my little empire for a more fruitful competitor… :wink:


Sounds odd
I’ve never had this problem

How often do you farm?

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Also, where do you farm?
Regardless of the place it’s still odd, but nice to know.


That is the most bizarre stat I have seen on the forum…

Province 5 should drop about 0.9 per run?!?

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You’re farming the wrong stages if you’re wanting kits and have only received 5 in 3 weeks.


I’ve had similar issues on the S1 map, though yours is far worse than I have seen. The packs just seem to dry up. S2 i have never had this issue. So I farm s2 somewhat regularly anyway, but then s1 acts up I farm there exclusively for a while and s1 seems to reset


I’ve been doing stage one 5/5 at 3 energies per play. And I have been getting all the backpacks I need over and over again, if you haven’t tried 5/5 give it a whirl. Can’t get any worse right :flushed:

Getting no packs out of 30 flags in province 5 would be a 2 in 10M event. In 40 flags, it would be a 1 in 1B event. So having a low drop rate like that for weeks would definitely suggest something non-random happening.


Season 2 province 1 hard mode.

I get at least 30-40 backpacks a day, there is something wrong with your gameplay or farming habits

I might have missed it, but are you referring to season 1 or 2 please?

My guess is S1, since P5 is where the item itself says there is an increased drop chance.

Believe me, it hasn’t been for lack of actively trying to get adventure kits. My usual go-to stages are 8-7 and 12-9. Between those two, I generally got a solid mix of heroes/troops and kits.They dried up, so I started reading threads here on the forum specifically for general farming tips and suggestions for kit-heavy levels.

I’ve mostly been sticking to the season 1 map, because I’m not a huge fan of season 2. But I’ve definitely been trying suggested levels there, too.

I play daily. I farm daily. I’ve followed many of the tips here and I was simply pointing out an incredibly odd dry spell I’ve been having. Honestly, given that I’m actively farming the exact suggested levels posted here (and elsewhere), I’m mostly inclined to believe I’m just experiencing an incredibly bizarre (and frustrating) anomaly.

Comments like “there’s something wrong with your gameplay” seem pretty out of line, if not rude to me. But whatever.


I hope that you are using training level 11 or 4 in the absence of backpacks. No need for the camps not to be grinding 24/7.

I use 2-1-9/normal as a good balance between filling my monster chest and getting backpacks. 1-5-8 is still pretty good, too. 2-1-9/hard and 2-1-4/hard give the best backpacks/flag.


I had this problem. Grind TC11 or even the other Low Cost one until you get them. I started running out of swords for Fast common. S2 is also way better for farming items.

Try 2-1-9 hard mode. It is quite impossible to get 0 backpacks on a run. Most likely is 2-3 I guess but also 7-8 backpacks in one run can occur. If you provide evidence of 2-1-9 hard without getting a backpack that would be quite a proof that something is wrong with your game.


Season one providence five stage five sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I’ve been hitting it for weeks and then 10 to 13 play is getting at least 15 backpacks

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It’s not just incredibly odd, it’s statistically crazy. I’m wondering if there’s a bug in the game somehow that you’ve tripped.

@Petri any chance of having someone take a look at this? The odds of it happening randomly for weeks on end must be trillions to 1 against…

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Without tracked and written down data that proves only 5 backpacks in 3 weeks occured I‘d rather suggest that OP tracks results before consulting game developers for that.

If the OP hadn’t said this, your comment might make a little more sense to me.

That‘s no tracked data for me.

What I was talking was something like:
Day: flags spent / which province / how many backpacks (gathered for 1 week)

With this kind of information he could send an ingame ticket and ask for observation.

Saying on forum: „I got 5 packs in 3 weeks, I have notes!“ is nothing a gamedeveloper can work with.

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