Training camps are they worth it?

One of things that comes up regularly in our alliance talk is training camp 13,it costs a lot to train a hero with a chance of being 4 or more but nobody ever gets one,only 3 star,for some it’s been 0 for 30 goes,now that’s a lot and it never gives.For players that are playing a lot there should be better odds of getting a 4 star surely!


I’m about to find out how true that is tonight… I’ll be at 13. I would think they would make it easier not harder to get a4 start after all that work. Lvl 10 was no bargain either waiting 2 days for a 3*… Ridiculous

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I have a TC13. They offer either 3* or 4* heroes for the following cost:

265,000 food
70 recruits
1 leather armor
1 wooden shield

It takes 2 days to bake a hero and find out what you got…at worst, a 3*…at lucky best a 4*.

Keep in mind I know players who have been baking for over a month with TWO TC13’s…so far no 4*.


To be honest it really isn’t worth it, but what other choice do you have. You either stay with all 3* cards or take the very small (1-2%) chance of getting a 4* card from elite training. Currently I am 0/29 on elite training with 2 camps going 24/7. The cost isn’t too much I currently have 49 days queued up on one camp and 25 days on the other camp. Since my 3* teams are max I have no reason to train feeding troops so all my food goes towards elite training. I’ve been stuck at this for one month now, not sure how much longer I can endure before I quit the game and find something more reasonable to play. I heard that level 20 is just as bad for 4* and 5* cards. I always though after grinding all those months to get to level 20 you will get 4* cards with a chance at 5* but it is chance at 3*, 4* and 5*. I would be super pissed to waste a whole week for a 3* card.


Hey man, can you give us an update, have you got any 4*?

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You will all hate me but 3 of my first 4 trainings with tc13 resulted in a 4* hero.


I have done 4 trainings so far and my 3rd one gave me Caedmon…got super lucky from what I’m seeing and hearing

I’ve been running 2 camps 24/7 and am almost at SH20 in order to start up a third. I went 1 for 5 (scarlett) but since then 0 for 30ish.

I went 1/34 first time around and got Tiburtis.

Second time i went 1/82 and got Hu Tao

Third time I went 1/12 and got Kelilie

Currently 0/20. so it all depends on your luck. Assuming around 5% chance at 4* at TC13.

Hehe not at all, I’m glad to hear that, I’m waiting for for my upgrades to start producing at lvl 13 TC

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Just got my first 4* a few days ago (Melendor), after nearly a month of two TC13’s going nonstop. It works! :grin:

Of course it works, but you were persistent too, I’m glad you got something to work with =D

Congratz Rook, just keep at it eventually you will get a 4* card. Hopefully in 2-3 months I can try TC20 and hope for a 5* card. Right now 4* cards don’t really help me too much and the monthly heroes are so OP that it pretty much forces you to spend. Good business model. :slight_smile:

They’re worth it, but don’t expect to get 4* or 5* heroes often.

My level 13 training camp has only produced 1 4* hero and it was a repeat.

I’ve only really used training camps to produce heroes that will eventually be used to level up. But considering ascension items are hard to come by, my 4* heroes are stuck at level 3 which means there is no need for me to use any of my training camps at the moment.

I am working on getting to level 20. Once that’s done, we’ll see what the rate of return is like for 5* heroes.

Just scored a 4* (that unfortunately I already had, and I don’t have many). So that round was about 1/32.

Anybody been running a level 20 training? I think 4* odds are 3-5% for the level 13, but haven’t seen any stats for the level 20. I’m sure they’re as bad or worse but I just wrapped up Sh19 because I want that 4th training camp at SH20 and may work one TC to level 20 to find out. The cost and time it takes to train between 13 and 20 doesn’t seem all that significant.

I recall being told of a player scoring roughly 1 5* every 4-5 attempts at TC20. This seemed so remarkably generous and out of character that I discounted it. Now trying to find other TC20 players to confirm or deny.

Definitely haven’t heard enough to get even a rough estimate on drop rates for lvl 20. However, my experience is 4 x four star heroes for 22 trains. While I have heard of ppl getting 5* heroes, it seems that it is a rare event.

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Sounds like TC20 is still better than TC13 if you’re getting more 4* at least.

I’d love a good set of 4s! It’s generally too hard to level up 5s. And I’m very much hurting for offensive heroes. I’ve pulled/Trained mostly support heroes, two slow 4*s, and my fast single hitters are all from two colours…

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