Training Camp


Today, 12 October 2017, at 14:30 (GMT -1), after wining a missin (nº 6 of the 10th province), i had recruits to train 2 comon heros. I had them training. After that, wining another mission (nº 7 of the 10th province) i had enough recruits for another 3 comon heros. I had the all 5 training.

Shortly after i’ve decided that i made a mistake and wanted the recruits for training the uncomon heros and pressed the - button (on the comon heros) to cancel the training and when i made that, all the recruits desapeared. Now i have no heros training neither recruits. Why?


If you don’t have room for all of the resources when you cancel, you lose everything even if you had room for some resources


Don’t worry I have once canceled an epic by mistake, that’s 265k hams 70 recruit.