Training camp tactics


What are your tactics for training camps?

When I used to have no 4* heros, I had 2 training camps train at level 13 training and one doing random things.

Now that I have some 4* heros that need leveling up I have 2 training camps constantly training at level 11 and third on juggling between level 2, 3 and 11.


I love the super cheap training. Now that I have all 4 and 5* heroes I’m going try and build one camp to 20 for 5* chance and then use the other two for level 1 and 2 during day and when I know I won’t be on


I have 1 TC13 trying to make 4*, 1 making Uncommon and 1 making fast heroes. As I level up a second TC13, I’ll then have two trying to make 4*, and I’ll toggle the last between uncommon and fast.

…And I’ll look for another Training Camp, cause I want 4! Lol


You can have 4 camps Rook, it will just take you a while!! (lvl 20 stronghold required…)

I sit with 2 camps running lvl 13 elite training for the hopes of a 4*. Just because that’s what I need to advance now. If I had great 4* cards I’d probably put all my energy into feeder heroes to get my 4s up, instead of trying to get new ones. I only used this level of training once I had a team of 3s that I was happy with. (Because the 3*s churn out a twice the speed using training lvl 11!)

The other camp I’d switch between common, uncommon, extra low cost, and the lower elemental trainings as required/dependent on what materials I had.

… And right now I have a lvl 20 camp stuck doing research. Takes 7days and waaaay too much food!


You lucky/unlucky beast! drools over lvl 20 camp :grin:


My tactics are this

x2 Training Camps at lvl 12(currently) soon to be 13 producing heroes until I gather all the remaining 3* I need and hopefully some 4*

x1 Training Camp at lvl 2 producing only uncommon, if no backpacks then common heroes constantly.