Training Camp stopped producing?

I have several days worth of low cost training queued up and I haven’t collected any heroes for at least a day because I was low of food and high on heroes. Anyway, I finally clicked to collect a few minutes ago and I got 1 hero. I expected at least 8 heroes. Is this a bug or am I misunderstanding something? Unfortunately, I didn’t keep track of how many were supposed to be in the queue so I don’t know if it just didn’t produce heroes or they were produced and then disappeared.

On a side note: Is there any way to change the background on the forum page? The dark background kills my eyes.

Is your roster filled up?

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And was it definitely not a Training Camp 20 which takes a couple of days to get one hero?

My roster has plenty of space and this is the low level (3 hour) low cost training. Am I correct that if I wait several days to collect that I should get a lot of heroes? As in there isn’t a limit to how many can be waiting to be collected? And what happens if there isn’t enough space? Does it give you some of them and the rest stay on the “finished” list for collection later?

at my training camp and forge I lose every time, because after the last update (August) the clock stops every time I leave the site.
Can you solve this problem?

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