Training camp RNG poll: at what point does the RNG system decide which hero you will pull from a TC?

  • As soon as you put the recruits into the TC
  • Once the training is completed
  • When you actually collect the hero(es)
  • It’s a secret, only the devs know

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I think evidence from beta suggests that it’s not until the hero is revealed.

This is because they get a duplicate account and can then get different heroes from training camps already in beta to those on their main account.

Can anyone currently in beta confirm?


I’ll also reiterate that when each beta period is closed, beta players do not get to keep any thing from that account apart from the happy memories.


My guess it’s when you collect trained hero. There’s a spinner running like it was waiting for server response.
And without any doubt, it must be done on the server side.


But you’re able to pull it even if you have lost connexion, even if the hero isnt finished before losing it :thinking:


I suspect it’s not until you actually collect the hero, but that’s just a guess on my part, since I have no knowledge of how the RNG system actually works. Just curious to see what others think, or if anyone has any direct knowledge on the matter.

I know some might ask, “why does it even matter?” Well for one, I’m just naturally curious. Two, I’m a bit superstitious, so if I seem to be having good or bad luck on a particular day, it might affect my decision whether or not to start training or collect heroes from a camp. It does seem like I tend to get duplicates when I do multiple summons and TC collections in a row, and some players have suggested that you have better odds if you collect or summon multiple heroes in bulk vs. one at a time. Any info on how the game’s RNG is calculated might help improve my odds of pulling better heroes.

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Based on my experience, the RNG determination of what hero you get happens when you click on the hero icon to collect it. I had a hero ready to pull from TC20 when I imported my account data to the beta server. In beta, I pulled Joon. In production, I pulled Renfeld.

My guess is that on a 10x or 30x, there is a full transfer of all the heroes you’ll get in one data burst, rather than 10 or 30 separate calls.


[sarcasm] Immediately after the server polls my roster and examines my recent hero-leveling history to determine which potentially useful heroes to remove from the pool of possibilities. [/sarcasm]

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Camps- RNG roll

This is true of camps.

Server ping

For 1* / 2* heroes it is probably just a server ping or game file hash

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