Out of the months I’ve been on this forum and love reading about new ideas… this is by far the best and my favorite suggestion I have seen so far. It’s so logical and makes so much more sense that how it is currently set up


This is a good suggestion.

I am at stonghold 20 and was not really considering to upgrade the stronghold beyond 21, (too much effort), but if there were reasonable additions like this, then would consider doing it.

Only change to your list is that I suspect it would be unlikely SG would include a 4* and above only hero training, but maybe they may consider an improved version of Legendary, with increased chances of 4 and 5 star.

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I would love it if we could produce troops. I hade made a suggestion in another thread about a building conversion for a training camp: Mercenary Camp. It could be a 10 level building and maybe broken down like this:

Mercenary Camp

  1. Random 1* Troop
  2. Random 1* or 2* Troops
  3. Random 1* or 2* Fire
  4. Random 1* or 2* Ice
  5. Random 1* or 2* Nature
  6. Random 1* or 2* Dark
  7. Random 1* or 2* Holy
  8. Cheap but Slow Random 1* or 2*
  9. Possible 3* or Lower Troops
  10. Possible 4* or Lower Troops

I have to agree with this, but with some sadness. They’re not going to do that and the chances are indeed very slim.

In their other game, Puzzle Combat, they have Training Schools, which are basically training camps. With the exact same levels and costs (resources are different but they equate, i.e. training sword = combat boots, etc…).

And the funny thing is that they did actually rework the crafting of battle items; in that game, the workshop (basically the forge) crafts some different items in the higher levels, one of them dispels buffs for e.g.

So what they decided for their new game:
“Okay, we need to think about the battle items that are crafted for this new game, let’s make those better.” “Oh the hero training part? Nah that’s okay.” :wink:

I am all for it too after all the warriors are the support of the hero team’s. Weak troops don’t have the strength required to be successful. We fight hard at the unending cost of our resources to get our crafting items for battles. Not enough of the ingredients to make the ones you have to have. To make a recipe you need the right ingredients for your dish to come out right.

I actually tried to download this game to see what it was about.
All my Android devices are the latest updated Samsung s10+ and s8 tablet with everything connected to google and google play says this game isn’t compatible with any of your devices so I can’t download it.

@Petri this might be something for you guys to look into please.


There certainly is, it completely changes the code and data storage design requirements. Every building that spits something out is built the same way.

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Extending @Graknork original suggestions, the following could be considered by @EmpiresPuzzles:

Training Camp 21
Low Cost Guaranteed Uncommon: 2 recruits, 20 mins, 1 sword

Training Camp 22
Lost Cost Guaranteed rare: 10 recruits, 3 hours, 1 training manual

Training Camp 23
Extra Fast Guaranteed Uncommonn: 2 recruits, 10 mins, no materials.

Training Camp 24
Extra Fast Guaranteed rare: 5 recruits, 1 hour, no materials

Training Camp 25

  • Legendary (with slightly better odds): e.g. 30-40% 4-star, 5-10% 5-star.
  • With a 0.5% chance bonus hero from Atlantis (including past HOTM).

Increase better heros on T/Camp also on Titan stuff we are on the 9/10 start titan and we don’t get much.

I thought you got bored of the game and wanted to stop playing. :slight_smile:

Usual rage quit rant I guess

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The basis for this is that the color specific levels (5-9 and 14-18) are a waste of time and resources. More can be accomplished using whatever 12 feeders you get from tc11 than the 1 you get from 14-18 (over 24 hours).

Maybe an advanced TC could have better versions. Or, a guaranteed 2* option. But, literally, half of the 20 TC levels don’t even need to be researched.

Ideally, SG would just fix the existing TC specs.

The Hero Academy I think can be called an “advanced TC” and it will be available with the upgrade of your Stronghold to lvl 25. :slightly_smiling_face:

🧪 Early Information on Hero Academy [Part of The Beta Beat v30]


Well, okay, then :smiley:

Assuming they keep to that info, and don’t charge gems, the academy might just be the fix I’m looking for. The Alchemy Lab is a collection of failed potential, mostly because of the gem cost. Currently, it looks like they learned a lot from the mistakes they made with it. :crossed_fingers:


An improved version of Alchemy lab is also under tesing at the moment.
Gem cost will be completly removed from it, and all other costs are reduced for lower levels.
More Alkashards are given for all levels.
10 additional recepies are added.
Alkashards can now combined from 1000 instead of 10000.

See more here:


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