The AMA talked about new training levels forthe TC or maybe something called a stronghold building., It seemed to me that the team is unsure of exactly what they are going to do there. SO here is my suggestion.

Be able to convert 1 and only 1 TC20 to a new building called an advanced TC or whatever.

This building will need leveled.

At level 1 you can train
ONLY 4 or 5* heroes with the likelihood of pulling a 5* at say 10-15*
the cost would be around
1.5M food, 1.5M iron, 200 recruits, 10 sharpening stone, 10 backpack, 10 rugged clothes, 10 wooden sword. The wait time would be 1 week

Levels 2-6 would be exactly the same but color specific with the additional cost of 1 of each 3* farmable AM specific to the color

Level 7 would train only 5* heroes at a cost of
MAX food (requires all level 20 food storage ) ,MAX iron (Requiring all level 20 iron storage), 250 recruits, 5 battle manual, 5 chain mail shirt, 5 scabbard, 5 tall boots, and 100 gems. The cool down time would be 30 days

Level 8 through 12 would be the same as 7 but be color specific with the additional cost of 1 unfarmable 4* AM specific to the color

Finally level 13 would be HOTM
Only HOTMS that have not been available for the past 3 months in any way can be obtained here. The cost
Max Food, Max Iron, Max recruits, 2 of every 3* AM including compass and gloves, 300 gems. The wait time is 45 days.

I think something like this will give people a reason to have VIP for the second builder and the monthly income of gems to use on these trainings. It also makes heroes slightly more accessible without the need to spend as endlessly on pulls while providing income for SG, but not making them overly accessible.

I do not mind that ascension material acquisition is throttled, but i feel 5* hero acquisition is throttled as well. I think this opens up the ability to at least gather a few more heroes for your stable while still making it hard to get them to A4 and making you choose which 1 gets the AM first.

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Duplicate please merge

45 day wait time and a 30 day cool down??? Thats insane.

I would disagree this is a duplicate. that post is about redesigning the current tc. mine is about the AMA discussion of possibly a new building and my suggestion of what could be done.

Not really in my mind…SG wants us to spend to get HOTMs and 5s by having long cool down times you limit how many you can really get this way. Plus with the fact you will get duplicates it will still take forever to get every 5 thus still making it useful to spend money on pulls. If the wait times are low then theres little to no reason to spend money on pulls.

Be it impatience or me being cheap. I dont think those times & resources are adequate. Time will tell when/if they roll that out.

My guess would be an advanced training with like 0.07% chance of a HoTM.

I agree that I disagree. :slight_smile:

This isn’t a duplicate per se, it is about something new.

That said, there’s been notable discussion and ideas shared in that thread that can help inform these new interesting ideas.

And @Kerridoc already mentioned the AMA in that thread too.

Merging gives us some benefits that I think are worth taking advantage of:

  • All past contributors to that thread, anyone tracking it, and anyone who has read through it will all be notified that the thread is updated in their Unread list

  • The notable amount of votes on the existing thread give it a starting foundation of support

  • The thread ranking that thread already has based on views, comments, and hearts will make these ideas more visible

Since this isn’t per se a duplicate, I’ll leave it up to the OP —

@mattp169, I’ve laid out why I think a merge would be beneficial for the visibility of your ideas, not because they’re a duplicate, but because they expound upon the idea of new forms of training that the other thread has explored.

Would you like to have your posts be part of the popular and visible thread, or would you like them to remain in this separate thread?

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Well @zephyr1 I am newer to this forum so I will go with what you as a seasoned user and moderator thinks is best. Thank you for your very nice explanation .

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I’d prefer to merge (and have done so) to keep a common thread for the various ways that a TC redesign might look.

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I actually currently run 4 tc11 24/7 atm and have done so fir about 3 weeks niw and I am leveling a 5* in 7 days.

That’s nothing to complain about really.

During that time the other tc’s are building up farmed resources.


This addresses a few issues I’ve heard people talking/complaining about.
1 Training Troops instead of Heroes.
2 Elemental Summons… that no one uses. Either reduce the time, or guarantee 2* or higher
3 Your proposed lvl 18/19 are awesome. Really need a level that pumps out 2* heroes guaranteed.

-voted on this. i know it’s an older post, but good things come with time and persistence.

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I believe there should be the tc options to train certain color hero’s quickly like the train common hero’s quickly option on tc lvl19. Like purple or yellow or red. It’s not like they don’t already have the slow method & if it hadn’t existed to begin with color specific I wouldn’t even be suggesting this! What do people think?

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Training 5 - 9 take 5 recruits, 1h each, and 8.5k food. Materials required are 1 wooden sword + 1 backpack.

Training 19 takes 2 recruits, 1m each, and 5.5k food. Materials required are 1 rugged clothes.

The costs are skewed, but I guess 19 and 20 are your rewards for holding out that long.

At least with the low level elemental trainings I found uses for them when they were available, and I still find uses for them; for instance, if I really need heroes of that color, I’m willing to start 10 of them to be done overnight (10h for 10 heroes, compared to 20h for 10 heroes with TC11, despite the higher costs).

The elemental training I personally see no point of are the advanced ones (14 - 18). Well, aside from just being there to waste your time until you get to 19 and 20.

A possible parallel:

Level 1: common heroes - 1.6k food - 5 recruits - 10 minutes - 9.6k food/hour
Level 19: extra fast - 5.5k food - 2 recruits - 1 minute - 330k food/hour

Level 5-9: certain color heroes - 8.5k food - 60 minutes - 8.5k food/hour
Level X: extra fast certain color heroes (2 or 1) - 29.2k food - 6 minutes - 292k food/hour*


Add what you gave and add a troop training omg it would be golden and total awesomeness!!

This isn’t a duplicate yes and despite you disagree the lay out of options presented here by far impress me and got 71 votes including mine. Fyi I seen the 2019 proposal of ideals & new building ideals. Yet I still think what’s proposed here is better!

We don’t know what they have planned, so it’s hard to know if it’s better.



  • 5-9 need to be merged with a dropdown to select element
  • The same can be said for 14-19, however nobody at all uses them and they should just be removed entirely
  • 10 and 12 are obsoleted by 13, and since they are all close together they should just remove 10 and 12 since nobody uses them as well
  • 4 is obsoleted by 11, and 3 obsoleted by 19, but since they are so far apart that is understandable, but they still should be improved

If all of the bad levels were deleted/merged then over half of the levels of the training camp would be empty!


  • A few levels dedicated to getting troops is necessary
  • A level with guaranteed uncommon heroes is needed too (both a regular and fast version)
  • A level with guaranteed trainer heroes and/or chance of trainer heroes possible on most levels
  • A level that generates emblems
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If you have seen the 2019 version over this article it’s vague long and exhausting to read. Imo . Lol I almost fell asleep reading it. I might not need a sleep aid with articles like that after all.

I think it would be awesome to have an option to train trainer cards :heart_eyes_cat:

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