My alliance mate currently has the nature rare training (all 4 camps) to prepare for getting Evelyn in December and has stockpiled 20 green 3*. It would be so much better to have all of those rare trainings collapsed into one camp to give other options. I just can’t in good conscience use them if I have any packs or rugged clothes available. But to each his/her own. :slight_smile:

What is the use of that? As far as I know (haven’t researched it myself) advanced nature takes 1 day, 25 recruits and 105k food to get one single hero.

In the span of one day, TC 11 produces 12 one/two-star heroes using 12k food and 24 recruits. Even if all heroes are 1* heroes in another colour than green (worst case scenario for TC11) it means 12x150 = 1800 EXP for Evelyn, which is far more than one nature 3* hero (best case scenario for TC16) would give.

Even if your alliance mate has completely run out of swords, backpacks and rugged clothes, running four TC 11 would produce about three times more EXP that can be fed to Evelyn (and, moreover, she or he would have to spend much less food)


He says its roster space he wants to maximize and plans to run and not dump tc2 x 2 for 2 days before the event. But whatevs. He cannot be trained and is happy with his way.

Great idea! I need troops so bad, and being able to train them would be awesome.

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20 characters…1!!1!123!

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@Resol Your enthusiasm for this is awesome. Thank you!

This is one of the best ideas I’ve seen on this forum :wink: I agree. To train Troops would be a great idea :wink:

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thx but my topic not getting love. and Kerridoc is scolding me about bumping topics :frowning_face:

I also find it ridiculous that common troops are a possibility when you have to spend that many recruits and materials. Should bottom out at uncommon for the cost and time


Troop training is a necessity. Whether added to training camp or barracks, at some point it should be an option.

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Perhaps for element specific training of heros there should be some sort of element specific resource at the rare level training; if not already. I haven’t used it yet as the cost and time doesn’t balance for my needs

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Awesome idea. TC clearly needs a facelift.

I like your original idea and would throw in another possibility for discussion

TC1-4 - (unchanged)
TC5 - Elemental heroes of Uncommon or Lower Rank (Dropdown to select element)
TC6 - Generate 1* heroes with a chance (like 20 % or so) of getting a 1* troop
TC7 - Generate Common/Uncommon heroes with a chance for a 1* trainer hero
TC8 - Generate Common/Uncommon heroes with a chance (like 20 % or so) of getting a 1* or 2* troop
TC9 - Training with a chance to get a Rare (3*) hero → 33.3 % each for 1*/2*/3* heroes
TC10 - Cheap/Slow 1*/2* troop training
TC11 - guaranteed Rare hero (current TC12)
TC12 - extra-cheap training (current TC11)
TC13 - unchanged
TC14 - Rather expensive training with 33% chance to get 1*/2*/3* troops
TC15 - Elemental heroes of Rare or Lower Rank (Dropdown to select element) → faster than it is now (8-12 hours, but a bit more expensive)
TC16 - Elemental troop (3* and lower) training (Dropdown to select element)
TC17 - Elemental Training , Epic or lower (dropdown)
TC18 - Traning with increased chances to get a 4* hero (20 % each for 1*/2*/3*/4* and a 20 % chance to get troops up to 4*
TC19 - (unchanged)
TC20 - Same but with additional chance of getting old HoTM after a certain cooldown period


Yeah, additional chance of getting old HotMs would be perfect in TC20 :wink: And, as I suggested in one of my threads, I can also imagine them in the S1 Elemental Summon Gate changing regularly according to the element being available at the particular time :thinking:

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I don’t dislike your modifications. The discourse needs to continue at a high enough level that the developers see & at least consider the options.


Resol, what do you expect to happen? The devs never come around and post saying “Great idea, you’ll see that in the next version.” They read ideas, add or not add them to their lists, and then decide on priorities. Bumping this thread does literally nothing to advance your case. Now, adding refinements to the idea might.

The only purpose to bumping is to raise player visibility / gain support. While I would love a redesign of the training camp, I definitely would like to continue the discussion in an insightful manner that would consider the most realistic training camp redesign that may actually get recognized and implemented by SGG.

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I as well think that these modifications make sense. The step from your TC9 (chance to get a 3*) to TC11 (guaranteed 3*) to TC13 (guaranteed 3* with small chance to get a 4*) sounds quite reasonable.

Also making the 3* or lower training quite a bit faster is a good idea. If the rumours regarding the upcoming class system are true, duplicate 3* heroes might have a use again (and, consequently, also the training of 3* heroes if the cost and time spent isn’t too high).

I’m not generally against having a 3* or lower colour specific training, but all levels of the training center should have at least some kind of use at the time they are introduced. In other words, there has to be some kind of advantage compared to lower levels of the TC (although it might be replaced by a higher level some day)

  • TC13 has a clear advantage to lower levels as it is the first that has a chance to produce 4* heroes. It will eventually get replaced by TC20 (or other higher levels in @DJQuixo’s and @Lasagne’s proposals) but until then it is the best of its kind.
    ==> useful for a certain period of time

  • TC2, however, will always remain one of the main sources for feeder heroes second to the super-fast TC19 (in case of low food stockpiles and enough recruits it’s even better than TC19).
    ==> useful in all stages of the game

  • TC14-18 are almost useless. For creating feeder heroes they are way too slow. On the other hand, hardly any player wants to wait one day in order to have a chance of getting a 3* if there is TC13 where 3* heroes are guaranteed and sometimes even 4* heroes pop out (even more so when TC20 is finished).
    ==> never really useful

Therefore, I think that the current trainings 14-18 should not only get bundled in one level but also the training time should get reduced so that there is at least some kind of use until a player has TC20 (and maybe due to the use of duplicates even when TC20 is ready :slight_smile: )

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i love this idea. It won’t HAPPEN…lol

Love you DJ.

If SG does it, I’ll buy you a 10-pull.


If you haven’t already read it, please see the discussion of the new Advanced Training Camp and/or Hero Academy that the devs discussed:


Thank you @Kerridoc, no I hadn’t read that yet when I voted…may be taking that one back since it seems everything is still on the table for t.c.s.