TC1 - TC4, TC9, TC11, TC13 remain unchanged.

TC5 - Elemental heroes of Uncommon or Lower Rank (Dropdown to select element)
TC6 - Generate Common Troops
TC7 - Generate Common & Uncommon Troops
TC8 - Generate Common Troops Quickly
TC9 - Cheap/Slow Troop Training
TC10 - Rare Hero / Rare Troop or lower training (select)
TC14 - Elemental heroes of Rare or Lower Rank (Dropdown to select element)
TC15 - Rare Troop Elemental Training (select Element)
TC16 - Cheap but slow Epic or Rare Training
TC17 - Elemental Training , Epic or lower (dropdown)
TC18 - Extra Fast Common Training
TC19 - Extra Fast Uncommon Training
TC20 - Same but with additional chance of getting a 4* troop. No other troops in pool except 4*.

I fully agree that at least TC14-18 need to be changed. They are completely useless and nobody with a clear head will use them (unless s/he isn’t already tired of pulling Friar Tucks and Renfelds and Dawas all the time in TC13 or 20)

TC12 and TC10 would be okay for beginners if the came earlier. As soon as someone has TC13 they are completely obsolete.

The idea of putting the current TC5-9 into one single tier is great :slight_smile:

And it would be great if either TC20 or future higher tiers of the training camp made it possible to train past HOTM after a certain cooldown period (6-12 months) or Atlantis heroes when season 2 is finished.


Today, I just want to support a few good ideas.


I’d like to be able to train troops. They are a pain to get and farm.

And I do concurr with the fact that Advanced element training is a total waste, nobody in his right mind would use that.


Thank you :slight_smile: its time for change we can believe in

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I want to like this, but I have no heart.

I mean the post has no heart.

I hope you know what I mean.

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But yout post does :slight_smile: you can, however vote with your heart :slight_smile:

Oooooooh my goodness. I see the big VOTE button across the top of the post now. Not sure how I missed that last night, but I’m blaming my friend Glen Morangie.


It’s okay. We all fail to notice things that are right in front of us.

Fun thing that always gets me: If you look, you can see your nose. it is in your line of vision. The only fact it doesn’t get in the way is because your brain ignores it. I don’t know why that is so cool to me, but it’s something I learned at 6 or 7 that has always stuck with me as super cool.

I’ll shut up now. I’m a dork.


Bump for my alliance mates to see

And to be clear, I do not propose getting rid of any of the levels, just consolidating because it seemed silly to have 5 levels wasted for a color. For example, TC18 … why is that color more important than any other?

Yes, if they occupy only one space and not five I think it is okay to keep those colour specific trainings. However, in my opinion it would make more sense to have the 3* only colour specific training before 4* heroes can be trained (or considerably faster than the current TC13). As it is now, hardly anyone uses TC14 to 18 when TC13 has a 3-5 % chance to get a 4* hero and while waiting for the first few epics you get all the rare ones anyway.

Your proposal of an elemental epic/rare training is great as it closes the huge gap between TC13 and TC20 and gives the chance to focus on those 4-stars that are still missing before TC20 gets finished (from TC17 to TC20 it is still a very long way :smile:)


Been thinking about TC designs and redesigns too . Cheers to your Idea and I’ll attach mines too.


I accidentally trained advanced red by clicking on it when I was very tired one night instead of tc-11 and then trained one on it a few weeks later for the same reason (the icons look very similar to sleepy eyes lol). And I pulled… Sharan. I rofl so hard and wondered why anybody would use this for real :rofl:


I think this is a cool idea.
Even if it would just superimpose the TC Level over the farm in a non-obtrusive way, it would be helpful.

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20 characters…

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20 characters…!!!

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20 characters…1!!23!

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Also, I find it frustrating that we wait a day for a holy 2* from TC18.

TC18 needs a facelift, as per above. Forge 18 at least gives timestops.

Think about it. PLEASE @EmpiresPuzzles

All forge levels are still useful even for very advanced players. TC18 (and also 14, 15, 16, 17) is already completely pointless when you are able to build it. At this point most players already have quite some if not all regular 3* heroes they want to have. So who would spend a lot of food to research and a lot of time, food and recruits to train a hero that only maybe is a 3* :pensive:

For all current (and future) TC stages at least the first, better all two of these questions should be answered with “yes”:

  1. Is the training useful at the time players usually build the respective level of the TC?
  2. Will the TC level also have some use for advanced players?

For 14-18 all two questions can be answered with “no” as TC 13 (guaranteed 3* with a chance to get a 4*) is clearly superior to TC 14-18 and thus they are already useless at the time they can be built.

So, PLEASE let us have more useful TC stages :slight_smile:

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