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Assuming I had a level 25 stronghold how many training camps do I ultimately want to run and at what levels do I want to set each of them?

First off: you want to run all training camps at all times, if you have nothing better to train, keep training camp (TC) 11 running. For what other levels to run best, I have written an app on android, here is the link:

It allows you to play around with the levels in the TC you use, what it will cost you, and then you can check what resource you have most (food/recruits/items/time), so you know what to run

Perfect. Thank you!!

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I run a level 11 continuously and a level 2 when I have the backpacks, but I was wondering what other levels of training camps would be good to have.

I run a TC20 (~40 days), a TC11 (~300 days), TC2 (35 days, thanks AR), and the last is my float.

Last one I run depending on how much food and recruits I have to spare (and draw on the 11 if needed for recruits). It’s either 11, 1, or 19.


So you run a total of four TC? So okay… I’ll strive to get my float to a level 20 and then open another plot to get that one at least to 19. Of course my stronghold is only at level 17 right now LOL so it’s probably going to take a while :joy:

Depends on your situation in the game I Was running 3 tc11 and a tc2. I literally had no backpacks left one day before atlantis on my tc2 haha took 3 days to empty due to food lackage.
I’m doing 4 tc11 now got around 900 backpacks this atlantis I’m saving them till next atlantis.
I’d say the most common is 2 tc11 one tc20 and a flex so you can switch between what ever you got the most off.
F2p players may run multiple tc20 for hero’s.


Before HA10, I ran 1-2 x 20, 1 -3x 11, and the occasional 2 or 19.

I have enough heroes to choose from for HA10.

3x11 and 1x18 are now in operation for securing food.

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I noticed that a TC20 has the potential of dropping a 5* hero. Does that happen frequently or is it one of those “PLEASE!.. let me for once get lucky this time!” type of situations/scenarios?

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5% 5* hero. 20% 4* hero 75% 3* hero
Think that’s the odds for Tc20

I run a tc20 for 6 months I got about 6-7 5*


Well one 5* a month isn’t so bad. It beats paying real money to gamble in hopes of getting one through the summons gate I suppose :slightly_smiling_face:

I have TCs at levels 5-20-20-20. Ran 3xTC20 and that level 5 camp served to run TC1 or TC2 trainings. However, as I reached Lv25 and started using HA (currently maxed and doing Lv10 research, but I have research Lv1 and Lv3 completed so I can mass produce feeders quickly) I turned off one TC20 and switched to TC11 as said above. It is cheap so not really reason to not run it. As I have most of S1 5* I want, I plan to run only one TC20 and only as a food+recruits storage, the other one switching to TC11 too, and Lv5 TC being used for TC1 or TC2.


This discussion might help


It is a free hero end of the day sure the ham recuits come into play but you can get something.
Also it’s a week of reserch for tc20 keep that in mind. I set back up one tc13 to store recuits for the week and swaped them over to tc20 give me a bit of a heads start.

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It is actually one of those “PRETTY PLEASE! WITH SUGAR ON TOP! Let me get luck for once! I don’t want a 800th Dawa or Friar Tuck! And don’t just give me Thorne, Horgall or Obakan! Oh Rigard is a nice hero but I already have 50 of him! Give me someone who is actually usable PLEASEEEEEEEEE!” type of situations/scenarios.

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Meh. I got Joon as my first pull. I didn’t get another 5* for a couple months, but Joon is on my defense which normally sits around 2600 cups.

Have gotten several decent S1 5s from it, as well as various 4s I was missing which has been very helpful in lots of ways. They’re all food now though (maybe a second Mel… the only one I’ve ever gotten was from costume chamber).

I mostly view it as a place to dump extra food.


Thank you all so much for taking the time to help me and give some proper advice. I really appreciate that. Not only do I really enjoy playing this game, but the community here is amazing. So glad I signed up for the forum . Thanks again

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Also don’t research anything past tc13 you will probably never use them, tc19 you can go back to later on as Inst really needed at this point in time :slight_smile:

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True. For f2p or c2p, training camps are great for getting high star heroes. I have mostly just season 1 5* heroes and I got nearly all of them from training camps.

But as your roster becomes more complete, eventually training camps will lose their values. That’s when they become more of a storage for excessive food and recruits.

Pre Hero Academy, I ran 2 TC20s + 1 TC11 + 1 TC2.

Now that Hero Academy is in play, I converted one of the camps to it and use it for running HA4 (uncommon troops) so I can store iron. The occasional troop to feed away is more of a bonus. I run that + 1 TC20, 1 TC11, and one at TC2.

I run one TC20 because I’m now at the point where running 2 is really not very fruitful, I am only missing a few of the S1 5*s. I’d rather take my chances summoning in costumes and use my camps to get feeders.

Atlantis Rises + Alchemy Lab level 3A made it easy to keep up a TC2 constantly for me. You do need to play a good amount during Atlantis Rises though, I recommend saving all your loot tickets for that and hit province 1.


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