Training camp overhaul

Training camp overhaul. How I see training camp to be useful.

  1. Add a current HoTM chance to legendary TC (TC20) as another 5* hero to the poll. This chance is pretty small (0.2%), so, it will not hurt big spenders, but please lucky F2P and VC2P.
  2. Replace useless TC levels to another:
  3. Made first bunch of color-specific training (levels 4-9) cost ONE 1* mat (different to each training) and has equal cost to TC2
  4. Made second bunch of color-specific training (levels 14-18) produce color-specific TRAINERS (at current level cost and with current star chances).
  5. Made level 19 in place of level 10
  6. Remove level 12 altogether, and move all other levels down (so, level 20 become level 19 and so on).
  7. Make level 20 to produce POPULAR heroes. Odds should be as current TC20, but levels are different.

For 3*, pool should contain 20 most used 3* heroes on last 3* raid tournament (changes during next 3* tournament loot delivery), for 4* pool should contain 20 most used 4* heroes on last 4* raid tournament (changes during next 4* tournament loot delivery) and for 5* pool should contain 10 most used 5* from s1 on last 5* tournament, and rest - just 10 most used 5* heroes during last tournament (regardless of summon source).

Last level can be made its way to HA, but I guess than SGG will not want to give us premium heroes for free even with a chance.

Hi everybody. I don’t know you but I have a problem with the Training camp level 19. We already have C1 not expensive for L1 heroes and c3 quick but more expensive in ressources. So why this C19 ??? Personally I never use it. But I would reconsider it and I think that it could be more useful for anybody if it was a way to get only uncommon heroes for that cost. What do you think about this Idea? Do you use this TC19? :slight_smile: Dark.

I use TC19 for powerleveling a hero I want to immediately get to max level. I only do this if, and a big IF, i have a lot of rugged clothes in my inventory and most specially the food “deposited” in my TC20. 1 star feeder of random color is spewed from TC19 every minute. Imagine a day’s worth of queue there. That would be 1,440 one star feeder heroes.

I use it because I burn the Rugged Cloth, very simple to understand.
Otherwise, TC1 and TC2 would be the fodder training camp.

I dont use it cause the ham expense is ridiculous

If it makes u feel better, u get another tc19 in hero academy lol


True, what a redundancy…

Thus an uncommon hero as a result of the c19 would be better we agree…

TC3 indeed has no advantage over TC1 since TC1 is fast enough and TC3 just consumes more food. I don’t think there is ever a justification to use TC3.
TC19 is a completely different story. It costs more food but is much more efficient on recruits. If you have plenty of food but relatively short on recruits (which I believe to be a common situation) it can be very useful.
Only TC11 is as efficient as TC19 with respect to recruits, but TC11 is often too slow to consume them.

I do use it. Sometimes I have so much ham and dont know were to spend that I use it all in TC19.

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