Training Camp lvl 20 - Results

It took seven moths to upgrade my training cam- to lvl 20… in my first 6 attempts I get only 3* heroes…I’m waiting for 8 more days (4 heroes) and if I dont get at least a 4* I give up… I know it is o pay game but it is not fair to have no chances to play if you dont want to spend a lot of money

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Excuse in training 20 do not just go epic and legendary?
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no, 3,4 and 5 * but only 3* for me :frowning:


Hi Wajoha. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the drop rates for elite and legendary training are extremely low. I have read through a few other threads on here and one person was saying that they got a 4* hero after 34 training attempts, and then proceeded to go 0/64. That is one example, but there are a bunch of players in multiple threads saying the same thing.

In my opinion, elite and legendary training is worth it if the heroes you have are maxed and you are just waiting to collect enough gems to summon. But if you are planning to give up after 10 attempts, go ahead and throw in the towel. The drop rates are much, much lower than 10%. Sorry to be such a buzzkill. Good luck!


Hi, Tallman. I dont think there are too many players with 34 attempts at training camp lvl 20. maybe you speak about lvl 13… Everybody know that there are 3-5% chances to get a 4* hero at lvl 13 but nobody said what it hapens at lvl. 20. Why to work to upgrade your camp if nothing happens. If I knew the real situation I upgraded the forge for example. And, If I give up, I’ll do it because I played for 7 months,my lvl is 31 and I am stuck in this point with any chance of evolution of my heroes team.


I do not have words I’m sorry a lot invest time and money and we only get disappointments …
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I am insulted… after playing for over a year… I still haven’t seen one 5 Star hero… not one!!

I paid over $300.00 in the beginning and the only thing I ever got back from the dev’s was a generic message telling me that once I got my training ground to level 20 I could train 5 star heroes.

Months later and…
My first two attempts have produced a 4 Star purple and a 3 STAR purple. Why?!?

I want a full refund for everything I have paid into this game for being lied to!


Nobody lied to you - with a training camp on lvl 20 you can get a 5* hero. I am quite sure that nobody told you that there is a 100% guarantee to get one on the first attempt.


No way! 2 Attempts and you gain nothing?!
It’s a scandal.


Nobody forced you to download this game and to invest any money in it, it was your choice, and the Devs were correct, Lvl 20 Training Camp has chance to produce legendary, notice the word “chance”.

You need to be patient, and persistent, because they will come at some point.


My experience on level 13 is about a 3% drop rate on a 4*. So if you do the math, it’s gonna be a few months before you get a 5* at those low numbers.


What sort of rate are you expecting? It’s going to be as bad or worse than the Elite level 13 TC. Many people have gone 40+ attempts before getting a 4* at those. FWIW, I’m on my way to leveling to my first TC20 (just wrapped up SH20 a bit over a week ago). I’ve had reasonably decent luck with 4* having two TC13 running simultaneously 24/7, the plan is to run three TC20s together 24/7 and see what sort of luck we have, but I’m not at all expecting better drop rates than 2-3% for 4* and expecting I may never see a 5*


By the way - someone made this comment earlier but it’s worth repeating. How many 4 and 5 star cards do you want at a time? Feeding them is wicked time consuming. I know it is disappointing to wait 2 days for a card you have or don’t think is valuable (don’t forget the monthly events!) but with two TC13’s running and having farmed another 6 or so 3* since I got my 4*, and I just finally hit ascension 3 with Scarlett, so there would be idle heroes for a long time before I could use them anyways. I know it’s a good problem to have but that may be even more frustrating, lol.


I have been here for quite a while so he’s what I can remember (not smart enough to record my data and not young enough to have a perfect memory), here’s my timeline;
Training camp 13 gave me 1 four star hero, I had levelled the training camp to 20 before I got a second and started legendary training instead. I got my second training camp to level 20 before I got a 5 star from training this meant 2 and a half months of continuous training WITHOUT a 5 star. I got my second 5 start the week after my first. I have quite a few 4 stars from the L20 camps but haven’t seen a 5 star again.
I run 1 L20 camp continuously on legendary and the second camp on legendary when I have enough recruits to spare, both other camps are at 15 so I make what I need from them based on backpacks/food/recruits.

**This game really divides people into 3 categories; **
People who pay to get what they want
People with patience to get what they want
People who ragequit
Pick your poison and go with it :wink:


@Wajoha is correct, at this time we don’t have enough data to guess at drop rates for the Legendary TC 20. The examples you stated are from TC 13 (I remember hearing about them. I believe it was Jaz in fact…).

I have been hearing some good things so far about the TC 20. No, the drop rates for 5* aren’t incredible, but I have been hearing about them, and 4*s seem pretty attainable. Several people in my alliance and circle of friends have just started using the TC 20, and others will be soon. Hopefully I’ll be able to give something more than anectodatal evidence soon.

For myself, I have run 25 trainings in my lvl 20 camps combined. I have 2x 4* heroes, and the last training I got a Lianna. Since then all my resources have gone into levelling her. :smile: I do know another fellow in my alliance that has received a 5* as well in his first dozen trains. We could be abnormally lucky… only time will tell…

Please let us know about your experiences, and tag me with an @Coppersky if you think about it!


Been playing this game for a few months now and I have spent maybe a little over $300 and I did the summoning. Have 7qty 4* heroes. Yeah I got many 3* heroes but I used them to level up my 4* heroes. Don’t spend too much at one time because that’s their gimmick.


In 4+ months, at $35, I have 7x 4*, many many 3* and no 5*. I don’t have a TC20 yet (yet!) :wink:

I think I’m one of the impatient waity people.


Some statistic from Russia.


Wow, that one guy starting with 2 4* and a 5*…good for him. I think the rest of us feel like the first guy, 1 4* on 22 attempts, lol.


One 4* on 22 attempts with a TC20 is faster than I got my 4* on two TC13’s. :thinking:


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