Training Camp lvl 20 - Results

I just hit SH20 and now am grinding up to my first TC20. Can someone please tell me how much meat is needed for the legendary training research? I want to upgrade my new low level food storage to get there. I saw in another thread it is 1.331 million, is this accurate?

the actual training costs are 297k each time, but the initial research cost is over a million.

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Thanks - I edited my post to clarify the up front research cost.

Yes, you need 1.3m to research legendary training. You will also need house capacity of 100 to train

You don’t need Iron storage at Lvl 19 to get SH lvl 20. If All of your Iron storage is Lvl 18 it is exactly the amount needed to build your lvl 20 SH.

Ok, you changed the name of the topic but I keep my oppinion. The camp lvl 20 are useless, at least for me. I will try to explain (with my poor english).
So I upgraded another 2 camps to lvl 20 and finally, after few weeks, I got 2x5* and 5X4* with 3 camps. Unfortunately, both 5 stars heroes was the same colour like the one I aleady had. So i got 2 Magni and 1 Isarnia. After all I still had 2 colours with only 3 stars heroes. It was frustrating so I had 2 options, to give up or to put some money in this game. I choose to spend few hundred € and now I have 13x5* heroes. I use all my training camps to produce 1 and 2* heroes so, like I said lvl.20 is useless.
The true is, there are 3 types of players… ppl who dont want to spend money and all what they get after few months with hard work is 1 or two 5* heroes … I was one of them and believe me it is frustrating. Than there are ppl who put some money and they get a full 5* team. It is OK but you never could be a top player. The top players spend thousands of $ buying the monthly heroe wich is the best for each colour.
Like I said before, this is not a fair game… a hard working guy couldnt compete with a rich one. Like in the real life, lol.
But this game is fun and I continue to play.

It’s obvious you can’t compete with top players this way. Not in short time for sure.
Even if the summon god kiss you right in the forehead and gives you 5* heroes of the color you need, this don’t change the fact that top player has already leveled 1 or 2 five star per color, while you have to just began yours.
It’s like chess. They are many moves ahead of you.

What you may gain playing for free, is enjoing a good team and do what you can with the heroes you have.
You can’t pretend to compete.
Not in this game, nor in any others with paying options.

not exactly like that, there are games where you pay for speed… you can upgrade a heroe or a castle in 5 days or in 5 seconds but at the end, both heroes or castles are the same.

Same goes for here. In the end you buy time.
Just… a lot of time. Because this is a game build to spend a lot of time in it.

If you think about it, you can reach exactly the same results of big spenders even here, but instead of few minutes it can take even months or years.
But Heroes and castles are the same in this game too. (Ok, HotM and Event are an exception, but this was not the case on the beginning)

I think it’s fair that who spend real money has an advantage (otherwise… why i have to spend?). That’s not the issue here.
But i do think that this is a game for rich people, who don’t have any problems with money.
Gems are indeed too much expensive.

folks, don’t forget that there is diminishing returns at the top. You can only run 5 heroes at a time. Once you hit 2 maxed 5 stars in each color, your overall team power is growing in tiny little bits. whereas someone just getting their first 5* team maxed is growing considerably more and catching up.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to field a good team and get top 100-200.


Interesting issue, wrong thread to discuss it.

Just to put a quick response down here so there is a hint of optimism left for training camp 20 results:

  • I don’t spend money.
  • I am in a top 3 alliance.
  • I have 6 5* heroes, two of them trained in my camps and 3 of them are currently maxed.
  • I got to the top 10 on the leaderboard as recently as a couple of days ago.
  • I am among the hardest hitters of my heavy hitting alliance (for titans).

Yes, it takes a crapton of time to get there - I happily admit I spend way too much time on the game. But you can definitely be a top player without spending money. Some have extra money, I have extra time :slight_smile: You can compensate for a lot of cash by figuring out strategy and knowing the game better - more hours spent in the game means more hours of testing things out and knowledge gained.

To bring this back to the actual thread; odds are low, but who can complain about even low chances of getting the best heroes in the game (okay without hotm) for free. I’m happy they allow any chance at all.

Also: 4 new 3*s since last update i gave on the actual results :rofl:


3* 310 77%
4* 71 18%
5* 20 5%

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I got a 4* today…


3*- x2
4*- x4
5* - x1

Still trying to decide if I bring down 5* avg with 0 on my main or if @Coppersky raises it with all of hers.

Now have at least 3 5*s on beta, none on main despite more trainings on main. RNG gods arently smiling on me

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3* 311 77%
4* 71 18%
5* 21 5%

Thought i’d wait until 20 runs, so it’s easy to remember what I’ve posted. So far:
0 5*
7 4*
13 3*

I realize I am above the average in 4s but most I had. Really hanging out for a 5. I’m getting lots of duplicate yellows.

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3* 337 76%
4* 84 19%
5* 21 5%

Today there walked another 3* out of my camp.

And another 3*…exciting stuff :wink:

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