Training Camp lvl 20 - Results


05.11.2018 Frei Tuck e Baltazar
07.11.2018 Entalhador e Kailai

4 pulls, 4 3* heroes…

This is only in two days, since June training heroes there and only Vivica came…


My Tc20 Number 1 gave me my first 5 * red, Azlar this morning.

Since 19 August :
Tc20 Number 1
42 pulls
1 x 5* Azlar 2.4%
9 x 4* Gormek, Kelile, Grimm x2 , Hu Tao, Cyprian Kashrek x2, Chao 21.4%
32 x 3* 76.2%

Since 27 September
Tc20 Number 2
22 pulls
1 x 5* Elkanen. 4.5%
2 x 4* Kelile & Scarlett. 9.1%
19 x 3 * 86.4%

5* 3.1%
4* 17.2%
3* 79.7%


First 10 pulls

9x 3*
1X 4* Little John which is a dupe.

Last pull this morning Jahangir nr. 9 I believe. :roll_eyes:


I got my first 5* from my TC20 today also. Khagan :frowning: Fed him to my other Khagan, my only other red 5*
16 pulls 1- 5*: 1- 4* and the rest 3*


From 21/10/2018 onwards - 29 heroes trained so far

  • 22 3-stars (2 blue, 4 green, 3 red, 5 yellow, 8 purple)
  • 6 4-stars (2 blue, 2 yellow, 1 red, 1 green)
  • 1 5-star (purple: Domitia - already my 3rd :frowning: )

Didn’t count 'em before but had considerably more luck before the Atlantis update than after it (7 out of my 10 5-star heroes were trained in TC20 between May and early July (running 1 or 2 TCs), one in early August. After the Atlantis update I almost always had 2 TC20s running, quite some time even three and only got two more 5-star heroes. Could just be a bad run of course…


4th Elena :face_with_monocle:

I’m so high.


Good Up from my Tc20 Number 2, it gave me my first 5 * purple, Sartana, today :

Since 19 August :
Tc20 Number 1
42 pulls
1 x 5* Azlar 2.4%
9 x 4* Gormek, Kelile, Grimm x2 , Hu Tao, Cyprian Kashrek x2, Chao 21.4%
32 x 3* 76.2%

Since 27 September
Tc20 Number 2
23 pulls
2 x 5* Elkanen & Sartana 8.7%
2 x 4* Kelile & Scarlett. 8.7%
19 x 3 * 82.6%

Overall 65 pulls
3 x 5* 4.6%
11 x 4* 16.9%
51 x 3* 78.5%


Five 3*, one 4*
3*: 191
4*: 52
5*: 15 (Domitia, Sartana x2, Leonidas x3, Lianna x2, Joon, Azlar, Elena, Justice, Isarnia, Khagan, Obakan)


I got this game about a week ago, didn’t spend any money on it and not that much time, just on the side while doing homework (but not the entire time im doing homework) got 300 gems and the first time i did the 300 gem thing with the event summon yesterday and got one 5* character (Zimkitha) and one 4* hero (Grimm) I didn’t spend any money on the game. How lucky am I?


60th pull since updat 15.0

3* 66.67%: 40
4* 23.33%: 14
5* 10.00%: 6

Last pull yesterday: Azlar3.

5* this session: Obakan, Quintus, JUSTICE, Marjana, Khalen, Azlar.


Very lucky, so congrats to you. Grimm is awesome and one you should prioritize. Zimkitha is also nice, but save her for later.


three pulls so far and only 3*, but I have faith in the pulls.


What do you mean save? Is it bad to use them all the time? Do they run out or something?


That is a pretty good pull early in the game.

Granted Zim will be difficult to fully ascend because of the rings needed for the last level. They are tough to find. Keep opening chests, do mystic vision, and join an alliance for wars and titans and do your best there. Those are the best way to get these mats outside of the rare quests that come with guaranteed materials.

I am rather jealous. I saved up a lot of gems to try for Zim and didn’t get her.


He means save for the reason I gave above with the materials for her last ascension.


Ohh okay. I’m in an alliance, but what is Mystic Vision and I can still use Grimm and Zim, right? I leveled Grimm up to three not with the intention of leveling them up but just to make a little space in my hero list. I level up my special attack by Leveling up with a bunch of one star red heroes, or ascending right?


Of course you can use them. I was just speaking on the difficulty of finding the materials (rings in her case).

Mystic vision is the video you can watch to get free loot daily. It does occasionally give good rewards but it is free and gives something.

With Zim you can feed 1* or 2* red feeders to level up their special. Blue for Grimm. 4* and 5* are a bit easier to get the special leveled as more time is needed. 3* is better with 1* feeders initially because they are quicker to max.


Oohh I use the Mystic Vision all the time. Thank you, your explanation really helped.


You got 2 solid heros with your pull. They will help you for a long time.

Glad I could help. I’m still learning a lot myself but try to help when I can.

Good luck with your growth in the game. It is a grind but it is fun too.


9 pulls:

4* (Kashhrek and Li Xiu)
3* (Kailani, Berden, Azar, Ulmer, Gunnar, 2 Gan Ju)