Training Camp lvl 20 - Results

That works, keep em coming

3* 265 77%
4* 61 18%
5* 18 5%

In 7 pulls to date I have gotten 2 4* and 5 3* . (For my own reference, greymane was the last one)

10th training…woohoo! I got my very first 5*!


congrats Konijntje!

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Whatcha get? Hopefully something good .

I got Marjana, it’s not Lianna (I really want her to match my avatar, and she is great), but still happy! :smiley:


Early results for my TC20:

3*:. 6
4*:. 0
5*:: 1

3* 280 77%
4* 64 18%
5* 19 5%

A 3* today, and it needs some extra characters.

Total of 50 pulls.
40 3
9 4
1 5

Could be RNG but still seems like maybe drop rates were reduced after 1.6. You’ll have to scroll up to get the delta from my last report.

I didn’t add tour previous as I tboughtbyou were on the Google sheet. Looking it over, i dont see your name. Am I missing it or are you on by a different name? I only included those initial results as the author didn’t want to collaborate. If you are on the sheet do you remember what your initial contribution was to it?

I’m using the Google sheet created by haylC. Is there a different one? There are 4 people reporting into the one I use. The results I reported above are the total from all 4 people.

I got another 3* today

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I didn’t see your name on the sheet. I don’t pull data from that sheet, the authir wanted to do his own thing. I pulled initial data from 1st posting. The rest of my data comes from the postings in this thread. Thus if you know what you contributed to the sheet when 1st posted (when I grabbed data) vs what you have now, i can add it

Come on guys, Talisax is already keeping track of it all and calculating the percentages so we don’t have to - let’s not make the job unnecessary difficult and at least present the data yourself in a clear manner. Can’t expect someone to go looking through the thread to find what you last posted and then take those numbers off your new ones, just keep track on what you haven’t posted yet.

Last numbers posted by Tal:
3* 280 77%
4* 64 18%
5* 19 5%

My added pulls:
3* 293 78%
4* 66 17%
5* 19 5%
(378 pulls total)

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3* 299 78%
4* 67 17%
5* 19 5%

And…another 3*

What’s the aim for sample size?

I am planning on 1000

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