Training Camp lvl 20 - Results


My first 4 pulls from tc20, I got 2 3* and 2 4* Sabina and caedmon.


I’ve never done a full update before but I actually have a decent data sample to offer now… I didn’t list the exact date I went from one Tc to two operating at level 20, but it’s around 20 August.

All up, having read this thread, I’ll say my luck has been better than most, although all fives I’ve pulled are slow heroes and as such will probably only train two of them up - the rest just don’t add enough value to justify the resources needed to level.

All time stats:
3* - 24 or 63%
4* - 10 or 26%
5* - 4 (azlar, horghall, justice, isarnia) or 11%

Interestingly enough, I’ve had a lot of dupes in the fours, kelile, colen, hu tao and li xiu, but that’s random being random.

Percentages are rounded to no decimal. I realise this is a lucky drop rate on 5 star heroes. I’m happy with my results but would love a fast hitter at some point. I guess I’m just saying the grass is always greener and there’s always someone who’s had better luck. I know 10% 5* is awesome, but from 38 pulls, and 14 4 or 5* heroes, only three have value TO ME

Since 14 August:
3* - 21 (65%)
4* - 7 (22%)
5* - 4 (13%)

Get Tc 20 up if you want a free source of decent heroes. It might take a while to get what you need/want but it’s free and good things do get spat out!


First TC20: 11x3* 4x4* (Cyprian, Sabina, Kashrek, Hu Tao) 1x5* (Isarnia)
Second TC20: 1x3*


3*: 71.05% (54)
4*: 18.42% (14)
5*: 10.53% (8)

Total training: 76.

Yes, not complaining here.


100th pull of TC20 - Nice even percentages :slight_smile:

Color 5* 4* 3*
Red 1 6 12
Green 1 4 22
Blue 1 2 17
Yellow 2 1 12
Purple 0 2 17
Total 5 15 80
5% 15% 80%

5* - Vivica, Marjana, Leonidas, Lianna & Thorne
4* - Melendor, Colen, Scarlett, Kelile, Tiburtus, Boldtusk, Kiril, Sonya, Gormek x2, Wu Kong, Rigard & Skittleskull x3

There has been some question of August 14th update affecting TC20 summons rate

Since 8/14/18 - 35 pulls

Color 5* 4* 3*
Red 1 2 7
Green 0 2 6
Blue 0 0 7
Yellow 1 0 3
Purple 0 0 6
Total 2 4 29
6.9% 13.8% 79.3%

TC drop rate

Since 14 Aug

3* 4* 5*
25 5 1 31
80.6% 16.1% 3.2%

All since end of April

3* 4* 5*
104 18 1 123
84.6% 14.6% 0.8%


Finally, on roll 130, I received my first 5 * (Justice), I was lucky to get Rana with an epic coin and Drake in a single pull, so she will be sitting a long time, even though I am very grateful have broken the hahaha curse, thanks to those who have shown me your support, I hope now a good luck rngisus

106 3*
23 4*
1 5*


Sorry pal but you’re the one mistaken.
The special event heroes like sand, bunnies, CAN be obtainable from tokens as they are included on the epic mix.
Try to know what you are talking about when you say someone is a liar


Rana is a hero of the summer event, those heroes I suppose for the duration of the event were included in the epic portal, and as for Greg, I do not know what hero of the month was during the summer event, I do not remember, but at no time did I say that I pulled them at the same time, only that I had 2. Before insulting you should inform yourself better.


Congrats on your “trained” 5


Sorry. My bad

Clearly I was wrong.


I have put together the results of those (Boocio, myself, marlenus, FraVit93, Corpin, Fira, johnboy29, Devil123) who have unambiguously published the outcome of their TC20 pulls since Aug 14 and I get the following for a total of 282 pulls:

233 3* (82,6%)
39 4* (13,8%)
10 5* (3,6%)

The total count is still too low in order to safely draw any conclusions regarding a possible lowering of epic and legendary chances, so keep on posting your results after Aug 14!


I’m too new on this forum apparently to know how to just add a comment so I’m just, I think anyway, replying to one on this thread. I got my 1st TC up to 20 not quite 2 weeks ago, and I gotta say in advance, lotta people may be like “yeah well **** you” buddy. I only say that because sooo many people seem so bitter over, well, Everything about this game from drop rates of ascension mats, to hero pulls/trainings. My experience went like this: took approximately 18 weeks to get one level 13 TC. Wont bore you with the details but I kept just that 1 running 24/7, used others for hero food. Prior to that I had gotten lucky once from an epic hero token I got from an elemental chest and recieved Boldtusk. No other 4s in my roster. I was, at that time, a 100% f2p kinda guy. Saved up a few gems, did 3 pulls got b.s. 3s but also a Chao. I was hooked. From elemental chests I received several other epic hero tokens but unfortunately, didn’t keep track of who I got from what. Long story short, after getting my 1st camp up and running at level 13 for WEEKS out of at least 60, maybe 70 pulls I had received nothing but duplicate 3* heroes. Then, BOOM, inside of a week between other lucky summons and my “epic” TC I had gone from one 4* (BT) to 6–had recieved Chao, Cyprian, Kasshrek, Scarlett, and Lancelot. Then I get (TC guy) Gormek a week later (and another Scarlett). Fast forward to 12 days ago or so, my 1st lvl 20 TC attempt, Valen. Lol. 2 days later Azlar. Second level 20 TC attempt and I got Azlar. Lol. Almost had a heart attack. All of this, ladies and gentlemen, is to confirm what we all ALREADY KNOW, it truly is luck of the draw. I’ve got tons of red guys already now, and idk who to do what with first, but Im not complaining. Just my $.02.


For two cents that’s a bargain


Lol, yeah Fira, that went on alot longer than initially intended. Good one!! Haha!!


Using elemental or event summon (any summon that has “an increased probability” to get a legendary hero), the probability to get at least one 5* is 3,76% (1- (1-0.025)(1-0.013))

One could speculate that TC20 has the same probabilites.

Of course one could speculate whatever they want :smile: it would be great if we had the word of programmers on this.


Hello everyone. here are my tc20 results


After 7 weeks running 3 tc20 I finally got another 5* Sartana.
And the next day Lianna


My alliance and myself recently don’t get 5* heroes and only few 4* s. One member is running TC 20 for 6 weeks now and did not even get one 5* and only one 4*.
Did you register the same?
We have the “Feeling” that odds are reduced.

@Brobb : no. We did not collect any data…:wink:


Yes I had the same issue past month.
With 3 TC20 I used to get several 4* a week and roughly 2 5* a month.
But then halfway in august it stopped giving 5* and a 4* maybe once a week.

But this week I got 2 5* and a 4*. I asked in my alliance if they notificed the same. Some of them did but others didn’t. One alliance member had 2 5* in 10 months. I don’t have absolute numbers so it could still be the RNG.