Training Camp lvl 20 - Results

Do you know the change from your first post of it? I included those original results already

If you’re referring to my post about the spreadsheet, I don’t think either of us have shared stats before, but we aren’t going to be tracking deltas and posting them here. Trying to track stats via this post introduces way too much room for error. I would invite anybody that wants to track this data to join in with us and track it in the shared spreadsheet that halyc created, or provide your own shared spreadsheet that we can all join in on. That way it’s collaborative and updated real time with the data available to everybody.

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All data i have is public and here. All are welcome to share

3* 204 77%
4* 46 17%
5* 14 5%

latest is 57 trains, 7x4*, 4x5*

Your luck is skewing our results
I’m still waiting on my 1st 5* on main account, 2 on beta. Will have 3rd tc 20 soon

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I’m totally expecting a 5* dry spell…

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3* 204 77%
4* 47 17%
5* 15 6%

Since last update:

9 3s
3 4s
0 5s

Believe that makes the new numbers:

3* 213 77%
4* 50 18%
5* 15 5%

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I was thinking the other day that the 5* may have been nerfed in the latest updates. And the 4* rate seems like it may have gone done too, though could be bad RNG.

3* 240 78%
4* 54 18%
5* 15 5%

TC 20 results for me 7x 3*
Results for cope 4x 4* and 8x 3*

Finally scored a 5*

Total 3 Star 26 76.47%
Total 4 Star 7 20.59%
Total 5 Star 1 2.94%

3* 257 78%
4* 57 17%
5* 17 5%

I lost count, but if you still want me to contribute, you could just add a 3* every 2 days since my last post. I will then come here (all excited) when there will finally come a 4* or even a 5* out of my camp.
I am upgrading a second camp, when I start training 3*s there, I will post too…:rofl:

Sorry, that is too vague, your previous was 9 days ago. Have you done 4 with 1 half done?

I guess so, I started my very first on a friday morning, so yes, that would be 8 total for me. Like I said, I lost track, but I keep adding to the cue, so it is training constantly. Next training is finished tomorrow morning. I have to much going on irl to really keep track, so if you can better leave me out, that is ok too. If you want my results, I do promise to let you know here whenever I get a 4 or 5*, with my luck that won’t be too often, but even with bad luck they will come eventually. :wink:

No point in just getting 4 or 5* results and not counting the 3* results as thatbwill skew the data

Yes, I get that ofcourse, I just meant I wasn’t going to keep track or calculate it by looking back to my last post. It is easily calculated of course. If I mention the 4 or 5 stars, everything inbetween would be a 3*. But I can totally understand if you are not inclined to do that for me :wink: and I am just not interested enough to do it myself (mentioning the 4 or 5 stars is about as much as I can offer).

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@Talisax Would it be helpful if I just post every trainng? That way I won’t really have to keep track, just post every 2 days. You can add it to my results.

I will start with my 9th training, which is…very surprising another 3*

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