Training Camp lvl 20 - Results

Then according to your description I should just continue with the same TC that has been giving me all the blue 5*s as well as multiple copies of each.

And there I was thinking to raise another one to level 20 and try for different color’s…

Been running my lvl 20 training camp on and off for the past few months. Have now pulled 75 Heroes.
Managed to get six 5* hero’s so far.
However 3 of them have been Kadilen!

When you get your Hero Academy level 10 built, you’ll be able to exchange those Kadilen for random 5* heroes.

It’s currently 6 days away from level 8. Although I may be tempted to see what happens with this swap portal that is supposed to be coming out next year. I might trade them and my spare Hanitras in for something more shiny

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Well i Traded in my 4 Kadilen at the Soul Exchange along with various other heroes for a Ursena.

However very first hero i get from TC20 after soul exchange.

Another Kadilen. WHY GAME? WHY?

I didnt level up the first 4 you gave me. There are pleanty of other heroes from TC20 i would have liked. Why did u give me that green chocolate fireguard again?


I have to admit that I traded some of my 5* duplicates for Ursena in SE and am extremely worried about my next hero baked in HA10


I got rid of two Obakan in the Soul Exchange. And who happened to pop out of a tc20 on the first pull? Obakan. :rofl:


30 recent TC20 pulls

1 5 star and 9 4 stars

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I’m not sure why, but I read this as “I traded my soul for Kadilen…” :flushed::grin:

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oh TC20. you’re on a roll now, #3 in over a year’s worth of trainings in less than a month:

I wanted someone I could throw in HA10. and while my need for yellow healers has diminished dramatically since getting D’Andre, and a couple of weeks ago, Lady Wool, i am NOT about to throw Vivica in the meat grinder. nope. But… i am happy! another 5* healer! finally! yay! :partying_face: right now i only have Alexandrine.

so i guess i’ll wait another couple of weeks and see what happens. still very hesitant to throw my only dupe (Uraeus) into HA10 for whatever reason.


30 more recent TC20 pulls

1 5 star and 4 4 stars


26 more pulls

4 4 stars

36 pulls, 3 5 stars, 7 4 stars (did well)


30 pulls, 1 5 star and 6 4 stars