Training Camp lvl 20 - Results

I got another 5* and a 3* today. I am now using one of the tc20s for burning through my backpacks, because I need feeder heroes, the next couple of trainings I am back to only 1 result every 2 days.

For who wants to know, I got Domitia today. I have now trained Richard (but leveling Perseus, only 5* summon), Marjana, Lianna and Domitia. Just need a yellow (please let it be Vivica or Joon) and I can make a rainbow team. Thank you tc 20 :wink:


First off - for those posting - thanks - this is so encouraging.

Secondly - like konijntje, would any of you be willing to post what 5*'s you are getting? I’m mostly just curious.

I got Vivica (only 5* so far).

Last one was Azlar.
Others already post.

Congrats! Still waiting on my 1st 5* card out of TC20. Have two running for weeks now, and third one to come online in 2 days.

Though I DID get Grimm yesterday, and Sonya last week, even 4* are rare for my camps. Must not be living right. =/

My first pull was a 3* Carver… And I have a bad feeling about this… :frowning:


3* 545. 75%
4* 135. 19%
5* 48. 7%

For our 9 5* (out of 201 pulls)
Magni x3
Horghall x3

I trained a 3* today

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Welcome to my world! :stuck_out_tongue:

Though I did get both Sonya and Grimm in the last couple weeks, all others have been 3* . I just KNOW I’ll get a 5* roll eventually, and third TC20 comes online this evening.

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I have been very lucky lately, but I started out with 9 3*, so it was almost 3 weeks before I got my first 5*. I actually got more 5* than 4*, which is very lucky, since I already have most 4* already (though I still want grimm and Caedmon).
You seem very unlucky, but I am sure they will come. I have an alliance member who trained only 1 5* out of 80 trainings, although his main account is apparently doing better.
I am expecting an unlucky streak now, so I will probably be back to training in 2 camps soon enough. Right now I am trying to get my 5*s leveled up before next event, so using 3 camps for feeder heroes.

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I haven’t been keeping track of my TC20s but I’d estimate maybe 40 pulls so far, and while no 5*, I’ve probably pulled in 6 or so 4*. That’s no all so bad.

Here are my results so far.

3 Belith
3 Bane
3 Friar Tuck
5 Marjana
3 Oberon
3 Criniere Grise
3 Carver
3 Karil
3 Gunnar
3 Karil
3 Friar Tuck
3 Gunnar

I got to wait nearly 8 month to get my first 5* and two days later got a second one (owl guard) during. Finally


And another 3*… I started another legendary training this morning in my second tc 20, so will have 2 results again in 2 days.


3* 551. 75%
4* 136 19%
5* 48. 7%

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2 3* today…

I pulled Joon today from TC 20. Ask and you shall receive. :grin:


Very nice draw!

I always ask, yet only receive Dawa. :slightly_frowning_face:


It’s interesting to see the 5* stats going up here. 7% is quite the swing from the 5% we’d zeroed in on. Overall they’re going down in our tracker. I’m personally down to 3% in 67 draws myself and the group is down to 4% out of 275 draws.

6 more 3* and 2 more 4* for me.

This week was a bit better luck for me but unfortunately the 2 4* I drew were heroes I already had.