Training Camp lvl 20 - Results

I got another 4* today.

40 x 3* = 67%
14 x 4* = 23%
6 * 5* = 10%

Fantastic luck! You and @Coppersky are killing me with your luck. I’m at 0% 5* at somewhere over 30 trainings.

Are those all new stats to add or have some been reported before?

All new: I haven’t reported my stats before. And don’t fret too much about getting no 5 stars yet. If the true drop rate is, say, 5%, then there is a better than 1 in 5 chance you would draw no 5 stars in your first 30 attempts.

(And yes - I think I have been pretty lucky.)

3* 389 75%
4* 100 20%
5* 27 5%

There has been quite a change in 4 And 3* drop rates, not sure if they twaeked something or if we’re just getting more data so better results

Worse then not drop any 5*, is drop a useless one. (Yay, thats me!)

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I have now done 9
7x 3*

We’re seeing similar numbers after over 100 draws. I think we have a pretty decent picture of rates at this point. We will keep collecting data to fine tune and in case rates are tweaked in the future.

75 73.53% 3*
21 20.59% 4*
6 5.88% 5*

I don’t think this is true. I have a member in my alliance who had 1 5* in 80 trainings, those results will pull those percentages down a lot. I think if you really want to know numbers there should be more data than just a few hundred.

A few hundred is starting to be a decent sample size. It doesn’t prove anything, of course, but it does provide some significant evidence.

If your alliance chum wants to add to the data pool then s/he should also post - hearsay evidence ought not to be tallied, however.

Add 2 more 3 stars for me.

42 x 3 = 68%
14 x 4 = 23%
6 x 5 = 10%

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I have someone in my alliance that has 3 5* in 9 trainings so that will offset your example. There will always be statistical outliers.

There’s always someone to claim to be very lucky.
Is it true, or he just spend and don’t wanna say it?
Can’t know for sure.

I want to believe

I have been lucky with 4*. My 5* came from the ONE epic token from the Winter Quest. Luck exists! :heart_eyes:

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I got another 3* today. @Talisax If you agree your data pool is enough I will stop providing my results. Otherwise I will have 2 every 2 days, since I started my second camp too.

During the first few weeks of having my Lvl 20 Training ground I was on fire. I only got 1 or 2 three stars in during that period of time. I ended up with 2 Five stars and the rest 4 stars. That’s when I hit my slide. The numbers will almost always even out. The next few weeks i trained exclusively 3 stars until it was a shock to see when I finally got my next 4 star. It picked up after that for a while, then back to 3 stars again. You just have a chance at the 4 and 5 stars. It does happen. Give it time.

I’ve had my first TC20 running full tilt for two months now and have only gotten 3* thus far. 2nd TC20 came online a couple weeks ago and from it 3* and a lone 4*, but that was a badly needed 4* blue (Sonya) so I’m ecstatic for that roll. I’m bound to have a run of good fortune soon, and the 3rd TC 20 will be online by Christmas.


@Talisax: If you decide to shutter this thread (got enough data), I suggest you reopen it for new data at the next major version. I’d like to see the difference, if any. :wink:


Going to 1000…

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3* 412 76%
4* 104 19%
5* 30 6%