Training Camp lvl 20 - Results

100th pull from the beginning…

16 purple
21 yellow
26 blue
20 green
17 red

70% 3 star
24% 4 star
06% 5 star

First 10 pulls after update 15.0

7 3 star (70%)
2 4 star (20%)
1 5 star (10%) Obakan, received day before yesterday.

Thus far no complaints about update 15.0

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8 more for another five. First that wasn’t slow mana!

6 x 3, tiburtus yesterday, domitia today.

Where are you rigard? Where are you snipers??

114 pulls
5 of 5 stars (Thorne, Sartana, Obakan, Elkanen and Vivica)
All of 4 stars except Kiril and Sonya, many repited

And yet seven more 3*…
3*: 152
4*: 40
5*: 12 (Domitia, Sartana x2, Leonidas x3, Lianna, Joon, Azlar, Elena, Justice, Isarnia)

I will be honest here.

If you are F2P… then… this, Sir, is a game of patience.

If you lack it, or failed draws bring you down and/or enrage you… then this might be not the most suitable type of games for you. / no offence intended

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So I updated the tracking spreadsheet to start looking at season 2 given the suspicion drop odds for TC20 may have changed. I don’t nearly have enough samples yet to draw any conclusions but I thought I would share the data points I have so far. If you would like to participate, leave me a PM with your email address and I’ll get in touch. You have to be committed to recording EVERY TC20 drop or you will invalidate the statistics.

The season 1 values after 3500 samples were approx 75/20/5


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1x5* Isarnia

20 pulls since update 15.0


  • 3star 65%
  • 4star 25%
  • 5star 10% (Quintus, Obakan. Quintus 30 min ago)

Purple 20%
Yellow 20%
Blue 20%
Green 15%
Red 25%

So in my case no changes. (first 100 gave 70%3, 24%4 and 6%5)

Just can’t get Joon, Justice And Isarnia. :slight_smile:

Three 3* and a 5* (Khagan)
3*: 155
4*: 40
5*: 13 (Domitia, Sartana x2, Leonidas x3, Lianna, Joon, Azlar, Elena, Justice, Isarnia, Khagan)

Last 5 were 3 3’s and 2 4’s. Wasn’t keeping track but no 5* in 15 plus drops. A teamate just started tc20 and first drop was Magni, a 5* blue. Go figure.

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Stopped tracking because I got tired of it.
But this happenend


Really nice, grats. I am tired too, i want him xD

Ca. 110 puls
5*-Horghall, Marjana, Elena
4*- 3xSkittleskull, Kashhrek, Little John, Melendor, Sabina, Rigard, 2xLi Xiu, Hu Tao, Colen, Grimm, 2xBoril

198 pull and statistics:

3 * - 147 (74.24%)
4 * - 41 (20.7%)
5 * - 10 (2xKhagan, 2xLianna, 2xQuintus, Richard, Leonidas, Marjana, Sartana) (5%)

Last 100 pull - 2x 5 * and 22x4 *

Been using TC20 since july 27th of this year.
These are my stats:
3* - 45
4* - 12
5* - 2

11 drops since last revision. 5 4,2. I gather this is much better than should be expected. Balanced by another A+ on 8* rare where I got 3 Atlantis tokens and cr@p and not for the first time. This game is totally unbalanced, depending on luck or spending lots of money with no skill needed. So, (redacted).

I’ve been running one TC20 for about a month, and a second one for maybe 2 weeks. Yes, I’ve gotten a lot of 3s. I have also gotten a handful of 4s and one, singular 5*. (Justice, unfortunately.) The drop rates are low, but if you just keep them going, you’ll eventually get some good heroes. My current setup is: 2 TC20s, constantly running, so I get one rare, epic, or legendary a day, one TC13 that churns out either single color 1 and 2*s, or slow but extremely cheap heroes (depending on what I need, and how many swords I have in stock) and one TC that I’m currently leveling up to 19 so that I can do fast and cheap commons, in addition to single color and slow but cheaps.

Edit: Naturally, 20 min after I posted this, my training camp spit out another 5*. This time I got Leonidas.

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25 pulls. So far 8 x 4* heroes, Chao, rigard, skittleskull, Sabina, kiril, kelile, Scarlett and Sonya.

1 x 5* hero Azlar the rest all 3 star dupes.

I now have 2 camps running full time giving me 2 pulls a day with a day off in between.

So… random?


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Ran all 4 TC20 for almost a month and a half and then pulled them all out at once a few days ago. Out of the 80 pulls I got Obakan, Leonidas, Isarnia, Joon, Lianna and Azlar. So 6/80 were 5*. I’m stoked because 4/6 I’m definitely ascending all the way.

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