Training camp level 21

I think it should be a good addition that training camp level 21 could make something like this…

Train one 5* hero using two 5* heroes + 1 million food + 2 days.

You get one random 5* hero with any of the color of the two 5* heroes used. If both are same colour you get another 5* hero of that color.

It would be a way to change heroes you don’t want for another hero… It is not cheap because you lose one 5 hero and you may get the same 5* hero… But it is a chance to get the hero you want.

Small giant won’t lose money and the users some food chances…

What do you think small giant???
Good present foe Christmas?

I can see the rage posts coming: „trained my 2 Thornes into 1 Thorne“ :joy:


LOL that would suck.

Trained your 4 Thorne to get 2 Thorne then send them back to get Aegir.

What about 4 Obakan to get 2 Obakan then Boss Wolf.

That definetily will happen…
Same as trade my 2600 gems into 10 3* heroes…
But I preffer the chance of getting one Sartana that keeping my three Quintus…
If I trade two Quintus for another Quintus , I won’t miss him…

I like Quintus, very useful in Avalon

I don’t like it too much, he is slow and no special power…
I prefer sartana that is fast and kills almost an hero each shoot

as long as season 1 heros only good idea

I would love a TC 21 that gave you a chance at season 2 heroes and past hotms.