Training camp level 11 - how many days do you have?

3 x TC11 at 275 days collectively
1 x TC2 at 12 days

I usually keep two of my TC11’s at 2 days and then use TC3/TC19 whenever I need to use up some food or level a hero who is newly ascended so that the 1* heroes are actually useful.

I save up about 8 flasks in a month from chests/events and use them on Atlantis rising to get enough bags to keep my TC2 running until next Atlantis, so that is constant.

I currently have 1,602 days in a TC11

2000 days in tc11 and 28 days in tc2

I also have 100 days in my TC 20…which is down from the normal

6 days, 23 hours.

My 2 TC2 on the other hand…

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Atlantis Rising

I skipped Atlantis Rising since July ( was working on an Empire research project ) so used 34x world energy flasks for December Atlantis Rising.

All set for Falcon. If I can get Falcon next Guardians.


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Days?, talking years :smile: got a third one with 10 days at average too, and a tc2 or tc19. Still run no tc20, store my food in the others and can always do some switching between the camps to restore food without losing anything.


116,162 recruits is a lot of recruits


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116,162 recruits is a lot of recruits

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(How many recruits are too many to hoard?)


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