Training camp level 11 - how many days do you have?

With Atlantis Rising and all of us stockpiling recruits in level 11 TC, I’m curious to see what the higest number of days players have lined up.

Mine are probably very low at 45 days.

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Most of the recruits I pulled from AR were used with Adventures kits on TC2 - I have 273 training now - 5 days, 16 hours.

For TC11, I’m sitting at 1622 - 135 days.

2 days in 2x TC 2, 10 days in TC20, and 210 days in TC 11.

I had more recruits in TC 11 but I started maxing another 5*.

2x TC11 - 90+ days
1x TC20 - 90+ days
1x TC - anything that I fancy

I only run one TC11; right now, it has 412d 21h in it.

My others are 2x TC20 (82d 8h and 20d 8h), and just rolling some TC19 & TC2 with the other one at the moment.

EDIT: I should add… I never have enough stuff to run TC19 or TC2 much these days… and I guess I just keep dumping stuff into these to save for a rainy day. But I really don’t know what I’m going to do with them in the long term.

I am shifting a lot from one to another TC depending on the ressources I need. At the moment 2x TC 20 with 178 days and 1 TC11 with 128 days. The last TC is doing always different things, 1, 2, 4, 11, 19 or 20.

My maximum in one TC11 was around 14.000 trainings. Now it is only 11.000 or 930 days … never ever I will have a chance to upgrade this TC to advanced building :wink:

I have cumulatively 157 days in TC11 and 144 days in TC20, but it fluctuates as I shift food around.

2265-900 days tc11. charaharharrarh

tc 11: 1 at 32d (been took out some recruit for tc 20) 2 at 281d. tc 20: 44d and tc 8 for 10 day (working for Domi)

I’ve been borrowing from this bank @princess1, just got it back up to 180 days. Was at over a year, and it soon shall be again :wink:

I’m currently running 4 x tc11 all at around 75 days each :smiley:

I’m running 1 ct20 with 20 to heros, for food storage. And 3x Tc 11 with 500+ each. Every day remove de made ones to feed ranvir. My seshat, in this strategie went to 80 in 6 days.

2 x TC11 - 179 days
2 x TC20 - 675 days

My TC 11 bank is sitting at 888 days. Over 11,000 heroes in training

TC11 - 228 days
TC 11 - 228 days (try to keep them even, no idea why)
TC20 - 54 days
TC7 - 15 days (my color-specific training, also use this one for TC 19)

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Wow, and I thought I was high at 80 days… :stuck_out_tongue:

same as here

(please 20 chars)

2 x tc11 72 days each
1 x tc20 70 days
1 x tc2 2 days

Managed to get down this far as last ar I only did hard mode looking for sea dragons (found 44). First ar i went all out for recruits and packs - had food issues and could barely keep up with all the recruits! Save every flask I find through the month for ar but didn’t start saving until I belatedly read about ar in the beta beat.

2XTC11 262 Days

1XTC20 299 Days, serve as main bank for ham / recruits

1XTC2 35 Days, probably down to 29 days before next AR, backpack shortages.

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