Training Camp Labels W/ Hero Queue

Training Camp needs organizing / labeling to see which TC is running on which hero feeds just by glance visually without tapping into the TC to see what is running in there.

Improved with Queue/Number of ready heroes

Also check out this Idea Request.

Not going to vote for it, but +100 likes.

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Yer, that would be useful. Good thinking


You have my vote! I would like to add a number to it that also shows how many are in que to be trained. For example, the TC level can be displayed as TC13 (20) which means 20 are in que to be trained at TC-13.


Not a bad idea but aren’t our screens cluttered enough as they are already.

I for one have so many things going on there at once that I can barely see the ground anymore till I clear it.

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Could be usefull also to be able to check requirements a certain researched trainining when tc is running (on that training or another training).

Not to go and check that info in browser etc…

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Attaching another forum poster great idea to my Tread. cheers mate.

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I was thinking the same so maybe it’s doesn’t show until you click on it once. So that you don’t have to click on it twice to see what youre making in there.

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I personally think that all it needs is a fine print within the time bar actually saying the amount of time left in digest. Like a count down clock.
Keeping it within the bar wouldn’t take up anymore room.

I run a comp for real cash in my allience from my tc20 and it would be very helpful for to be able to see the actual real time left for the upcoming hero.