Training camp issue


I had set a training camp to do an elite training yesterday 10/3/17 at about 5 or 6 pm. today when I checked on it it says I have an advanced training going and that it is going to take over 2 days to complete! I don’t believe advanced trainings take that long normally.



It is because you queued up 3. Take pff the queue to solve the issue


Even if I try to take off one it says I will lose all resources spent. Like it won’t let me step it down by any.

I know I set it for an elite training though. I use two of my camps for attempts to get elite and one camp for training fodder heroes for leveling.


Then you gave to decide to wait it out or lose resources. Or you could buold more food storage or houses


You can’t take them out because you’re full on ham. You need to be able to contain all the ham AND all the recruits if you remove something from the queue or you will lose all of both.


Spent some ham and it let me take them out. Thank you. I guess random training is what I get for letting kids play games on my phone…


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Also, kid-proofing tip - lock all of your heroes as favorites that you want to keep :stuck_out_tongue:


I was very excited to get the Week-long training finished on my Lv20 Training Camp so I could start to potentially train Legendary heroes; however, once I saved 100 recruits and had enough food to train the first one, I had to, of course, wait another 2 days for the hero to train. No problem there … I’ll just build up more food and recruits to train the next one before the first one finishes. The problem is that I’ve now attempted to train 3 and the first 2 would have been completed by now and I’ve received NO heroes yet. Do I need to train one at a time? The way I see it, I’m owed 2 high-level heroes … preferably 2 legendaries I don’t already have for my trouble. Please advise. Thank you.


Submit a ticket if camp didnt give hero at end of training