Training camp issue with update

A lot of us use the training camps to store food and recruits . Thats what the +- is for . With the new update it just gives you a warning and deletes your resources and DOES NOT return them . It took me a while to figure it out . I confirmed with TC19 removing 3 hero’s training and all resources food and recruits were deleted

Just checking, have you got enough storage space in both houses and food stores?

If you don’t have enough room for both they are lost.

Or are you saying the normal warning has been removed?


The warning has not been removed on Android as of 30 minutes ago. I have to agree with @Jonah, you don’t have capacity to remove troops from training because everything is full and you will lose the lot.

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I’m sorry as I made the same rookie error once and wiped out 200 odd recruits and all the food required. The warning is pretty clear if you slow down to read it. Chalk it up to experience, I was too embarrassed to own up to it.

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