Training camp idea

There are several posts highlighting frustration with producing high power heros from camps. How about the ability to see which hero is being trained before finishing? This way we could scrap heros we don’t need without wasting the time? Recruits and food would be forfeited.

This Idea is horrible and removes all tension before checking what came out

I would also like to add that every hero, even a duplicate of a maxed three star carries some value either as food or as a second copy, I am working on making a second Valen and Isstakk for example. There is no need for giving the ability to see what comes up next as this is meant to be a long run game.

I remember someone once or twice has called this Empires and Patience and part of that patience should be accepting that a new hero, even an expensive duplicate, is part of the formula.

I would just like better time/result balance.

Like all of the RNG rare or higher hero trainings need to either A) take a hell of a lot less time like 3 to 4 hrs OR have a guaranteed chance of getting a minimum of rare or higher hero. The time one would be the easier of the two.

they’ll never do it though because it hurts their wallet.

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