Training camp: high recruit usage

Especially with the advanced house, recruits are extremely easy to come by and almost impossible to run out of. The training camps however require items that come in shorter supply than recruits. While TC11 (“Extra Low Cost”) is a good way to use some of them, it is unbalanced to use more food than recruits.

I propose to replace one of the TC levels with a high recruit / low food option without any items needed. Preferably changing our TC11. Proposal: 5 recruits, 250 food, 1 hour, 1 or 2 *.

Hero academy offers some possibilities to burn recruits quickly for common (Lvl1) and uncommon (lvl3) feeders in one minute each.
Only ham costs are quite high.


Here are some examples.

The HA2 recipe is great for maxxing 5*.

Given these have been recently introduced, I don’t think SG will tinker with TC for a while.


I don’t have the HA yet. Those pictures still show an issue though, the food to recruit ratio is still too high. Needs to be more recruits and much, much lower food amounts

I get where you’re coming from but it’ss not too dreadful, I maxxed a 5* in 48 hours by converting tc20 to HA2 and didn’t need to supplement the food from other camps or crates.

I know it very much depends on where you are with the game and how much you’re working on.


A slight correction: The hero academy level you meant to write is HA3 not HA2 :slight_smile:
HA2 trains troops.


Just got HA level 3, it definitely allows me to use up recruits fast enough.

I have always had the opposite problem. I can never burn enough food, and even with house level 10 can always use more recruits. I have 3 TC 11s over 100 days and 1 TC 20 at 40 days, but I always need more feeders.