Training Camp Expectations


I’m levelling up my training camp, currently at 16, and would like to know the difference between elite, rare, advanced, epic, and legendary heroes. If you can shed some light on how many stars for those categories too I would appreciate.



Or, to actually give you the answer you’re looking for…

‘Rare’ heroes means any 3*
Epic means any 4*
Legendary heroes means any 5*

Elite is just the name of one of the training centre levels, that gives a chance to produce 4* epic heroes.
Advanced is the same but with a chance for 3* rare heroes.
Legendary training centre can produce legendary heroes.



Thank you very much indeed for your reply and explanation! I had exactly the same question a few days ago. And was also lucky to receive friendly replies instead of snarky comments.

To my mind, the - otherwise absolutely wonderful - compendium does not make those terms absolutely clear. And that is why I had posted my question.

Again: thank you!


Thank you I appreciate your help. I now know where I’ll concentrate my training.


I appreciate your help and I’ll pass this link along to my alliance. Thank you


Stay confused and you could have saved your time and mine by not replying.


Level 20 geeft helden vanaf 3* tot 5* . Maar meestal 3* natuurlijk :smile:

Translation: Level 20 gives heroes from 3 * to 5 *. But usually 3 * of course