Training camp count of trained missing

My TC 11s show how many days of training and total sessions in queue, but no longer says how many heros have been trained nor how many yet to be completed.

The collect bar

I cannot/have not updated to 16.

If your hero roster is full the collect bar disappears

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This if there is no button at the bottom of the menu.

If the button says “collect “ instead of “X / Y collect “ the data did to load. To reload, go to any training camp, remove a training, add a training, and go back to the camp that did not load.

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Thank you. The case was no button at all.

It has returned, which I believe happened when I updated.

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This happened to me this morning and there is no update available. Any help? Maby i’ll try to reinstall the game

What exactly happened?

Ask for help with full details. Never restart

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