Training Camp completes training, but too few or no heroes produced [Master]

Are you saying it produced no heroes whatsoever?

Well I have one still training now but I didnt receive my hero before.

Please submit a support ticket to Small Giant detailing exactly what happened, and as accurately as possible, when the problem happened? That will let them investigate properly.

Here’s how to submit a support ticket:

Please make sure to press the “Support” button instead of the “Report a Bug” button from the in-game menu. If you need any further help, just reply to this post and I’ll do what I can.

Did you check your recent activity log to see if it shows there that you received it?

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[date=2019-06-05 timezone=“America/Chicago”]I have set training for overnight and have received less than the number training heroes on more than one occasion. Can you check on if there is a bug or errors on totals with my account? Thanks

Hi @PhatherThyme, you’ll need to submit a support ticket so that SG can look into this. Please make sure to include the approximate date/time (and time zone) when you checked a training and got fewer than the expected number of heroes, so they can go through the logs and check out what happened.

Here’s how to submit a support ticket:

Has anyone had some issues with TC20 not giving you any heros?

I has a pull due at 930am on my TC 20 that’s been running constantly for last few weeks. Its disappeared and support aren’t being very helpful

No logs are showing in the recent activity log, they state their log only shows a record of 1st une so im missing a pull from both the 3rd and 5th june.

Hi @Hackisfun, and welcome to the forum. There seems to be a persistent, low-grade issue in this area.

I’ve moved your post to the appropriate thread, and I’m going to leave a message for the SG staff reminding them that this seems to be happening periodically.

Could you do me a favor and reference this thread (the one that I’ve merged your post into) in your next reply to SG Support on your open ticket?

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already linked them to this again :slight_smile:

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Just want to add that one of our players was complaining about this last week. He’s a very quiet member so that was a rare time we even heard from him. It’s unlikely he put in a support ticket but I just wanted to add that it’s one more player who is having the same problem (can’t confirm if it’s on-going or random).

As a side note - not sure if it’s related but it’s the training camps that seem to be causing the game to close quite often. It happens to my husband frequently, with me only occasionally.

You should have that player submit a support ticket, if possible. More reports here is a good thing :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure your crash issues are unrelated, since those seem connected to interacting with the UI. This isn’t a UI issue, since the heroes don’t show up anywhere.

I have been running 4 TC20 for 4 days two camps show no heroes to be claimed. The others appear to be fine. On vacation and will be running these for the week.

Hi @GDADDY, and welcome to the forum. Please submit a support ticket in this issue. Here’s how to do that:

At 6:55am EST on 7/1/19 my TC20 finished training but produced no hero… it just started working on the next one but didn’t give me the option to view or claim a finished hero.

Can you add a screenshot of your recent activity, just in case it’s there and you missed seeing it?

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Sure thing. Here are the last 12 hours

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