Training Camp completes training, but too few or no heroes produced [Master]

I just put 50x into tc3 and left game for 2 hours and returned to only having 10 heroes been trained. Edit: (All happened about 6-8 hours ago)

50 recruits? That’s correct. 5 recruits per hero

No 50 trainings total 250 recruits

Could it be that the timer is not displayed?
And it looks like it’s not training anything?

TC3 should take 2 minutes per training, right? Resulting in 30 heroes per hour? Correct me if I’m wrong.

It’s been hours, they’re two minute timers

Yes, it has been hours, they should’ve finished hours ago.

Can you make a screenshot with the timer and remaining heroes in training visible?

Hmmm I will add to this thread but slightly different problem. The Training Camps are not indicating how many heroes have actually trained when you inspect it.

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I can take a screen shot, but it will be of a training camp doing nothing

·Got alasie, decided to do fast trainings to power level
·Pulled recruits and food from other tc with 70 days of tc11
·Started 50 tc3 fast trainings (250 recruits practice swords and food)
·Had 65 hero capacity available
· Logged off, returned 2-3 hrs later, the trained 10 1* tc3 heros
·Did not have any aforementioned materials
·Tc ate 40 tc3 heros with of stuff

What is recruits capacity? :slight_smile:

180, I didn’t move them all at once

Hmm… So is it possible that you moved some of them to a different training camp or level by mistake? :slight_smile:

200 recruits? Ummm no

10 is the number of unique 1* heroes in the game, and pulling from a TC doesn’t display duplicate cards when they pop up, so you’d only see 10 cards pop up even if you actually receive more as duplicates. Can you confirm whether only 10 heroes were actually added to your roster?


Deep breath everybody. No need to get into an argument over this. :slightly_smiling_face:

It looks like there may be some sort of low-grade persistent issue on this front. I’ve pulled all the reports of this together into one thread, and asked SG to take a look at it.

Training camp problem

@Berferd, @ITS_PEANUT

Could you please make sure to submit a support ticket to Small Giant detailing exactly what happened, and as accurately as possible, when the problem happened? That will let them investigate properly.

Here’s how to submit a support ticket:

Please make sure to press the “Support” button instead of the “Report a Bug” button from the in-game menu. If you need any further help, just reply to this post and I’ll do what I can.

My training center didn’t produce my rare or epic character when my time was up. I have one still training and it doesn’t show a completion time when I open the training center. Is there anyway I can get my characters back?

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