Training Camp Bug or "Feature"?

Level 9 TC training “dark heroes of uncommon or lower rank” only produces Nightshade, a common 1* hero. I’m pulling 2* heroes from the other colors, if not every time then at least half the time. What gives?

First, stop doing color specific training. It’s a poor way to spend materials and time. You’re better off with tc1, tc2, or tc11.
Second, how many times have you tried? There aren’t many 1* & 2* purple heroes. Could just be coincidence.


It was like 7 times. What is TC11 going to do that’s different?

TC11 is much more food efficient than 5-9. Also I see no reason to believe that TC9 is coded any differently from 5-8, so I would assume that your situation is simply a fluke. If you want to aggregate player data on the results of different color specific training camps and analyze their outputs to reach a statistically significant finding rather than an anecdotal one, then be my guest.

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