Training camp broken

I think my training camps are broken. I have 3 of them trying to Summon 5star hero’s full time since 5 to 6 months ago and until now I just found 2…
Please that way we can’t evolve in the game. Every sommen tokens the good ones gives me the same 3 star hero. The odds are very poor. The game is awesome but that way it looses the interest.

I feel your pain, not having yet 5 :star: heros, but if the chances were to be increased then less players would invest on the game, making things go worse.

I don’t have see if you have already posted on this thread below but here we write about 5 :star: drop chance from TC20, who seems to be around 5%

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5% means 1 in 20. Can’t believe in that. 1% 1 in 100 seems to be more accurate. This is very frustrating. Other day in raids I see one guy with 3 aerons. How is that possible? Pay pay pay. Or cheat. The game looses interest because things like that.

You can’t get Aeron in a TC20 so that isn’t a good example.

I am not there yet but have been keeping up with the TC20 thread and it is quite tough. A lot of people have gone months without a 4* even. It is all random, this game is a grind.

I am sure there is something to do while you wait.

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There’s the megathread of tc20 results. The consensus is 5%(or maybe little above) for 5*. You’ve just had a streak of bad luck, let’s hope tharät chances :slight_smile:

The 5% consensus was reached after 1000 draws by players. Perhaps more draws need to be made? Hmm.

I haven’t gotten to that point yet, can someone tell me the mats required to train in a tc20?

I’m still posting my results there monthly, and still wishing I could get up to the average 5* drop rate, instead of balancing the lucky folks who beat it.

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297,000 food, 100 recruits, 2 days, and 1 x sharpening stone.

More for each stage here:


Thanks for the info and the link!

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