Training Camp and its useless levels

I thought RT/TC 5-9 were useless until I started actively trying to get ONLY blue heroes to raise a stubborn hero’s Special. I’m now glad they’re there. :wink:

Lol, good for you all that can use the TC that way.

I’m always short on ham and recruits, so i just use training camps like… training camps?

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It’s a trap my friend. Not even including the fact the other trainings are less time so you can tap in some extra low cost too, say for a blue hero and 10 swords and 10 backpacks (assuming 50% between 1* and 2*):

TC6 = 3240 exp, 30% aggregate skillup chance, 10 hours time

vs TC2 and 3 (or 1), assuming ALL off color even (I know it’s not just worst case scenario here):

TC2: 2700 exp, 20% aggregate skillup chance, 5 hours

TC3 or 1: 1500 exp, 10% aggregate skillup chance, 20m or 1h 40m

Total: 4200 exp, 30% aggregate skillup chance, 5 h 20 minutes.

More exp, same skillup chance, less time which allows you to do some extra low cost in there too.

The only advantage TC 5-9 has is in fewer recruits, that’s it, otherwise one should never ever do the color specific other than maybe trying to skillup a stuck maxxed 3*. Even then it’s dubious as you should have other heroes to feed too.


I have a stuck maxed 3*: poor Gunnar wants to rise from 3/8 to 8/8! :grin:

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I have a spreadsheet that I did an analysis comparing the use of 1 sword + 1 backpack on either 1 common+1 uncommon vs 1 colored training. In all cases at various levels/tiers, the common+uncommon training gave MORE xp and special % increase chance per sword+backpack and cost fewer food to do it (and yes, I included not only the initial training cost, but also the double eating cost of 1 common + 1 uncommon vs the 1 on-color hero).

Rev - I’ll send it to you via discord to check my work and then ill put it on dropbox and host it here.


I created a separate thread with my spreadsheet data and conclusion.


I skipped research on 12-19, simply because there is no use for them whatsoever. Tc 20 is the way to go

19 has use when talking leveling heroes; that is probably where my bankroll of recruits will go once I get there.


Yeah, 19 would be great if you are out of swords and backpacks and got a lot of food. Shame it is just 1* heroes.

19 is most times, only 2 recruits per hero. Run it as long whenever you need to level heros

Elsewhere I’ve proposed the RT 14-18 be repurposed to train recruits into troops, rather than heroes. One for each color, slight chance of 4*, small chance of 3*, otherwise guaranteed 2*.


So no chance for 1* troops? :wink:

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I thought for RT this high it would be guaranteed minimum 2*. Obviously the devs will do what the6nthink best—I’d be delighted for any implementation that can generate troops to feed to my elite.


TC5-9 is inefficient use of food, swords, and backpacks, and time … but people do use it anyways. I think it is economical to use for finishing up high level 5* heroes where the cost of feeding is high enough to overwhelm the food cost in making them.

So leave it; It is appropriate for there to be more and less efficient ways to play the game.

But really, TC10, and TC14-18 are totally useless. I can just pass over TC10…

A while ago, I tried to ask if ANYBODY had run them enough to even figure out what the distribution of 1* / 2* / 3* out of it are, and nobody answered.

That TC14-18 don’t cost more to operate than TC10 seems like a clue that they didn’t need to make them more expensive. (The way TC5-9 are more expensive than TC2)

What about doing something that has SOME use out from TC14-18?

I’d suggest color-specific versions of TC13, which are more expensive to balance things out. That would be useful!

So would something to make feeder troops, but that is a much bigger change to game balance.

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What do TC14-18 cost? I never researched them after reading a few of the guides. :grin:

One way to make them worthwhile would be to give a chance of a Trainer Hero popping out every so often in that color. They’ve become far too rare, even the 1* variety.

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That’s a good idea – for all anyone knows, it does, because no one uses those levels! That’s why I would like to see them grind out good troops instead of heroes.


Thank you for your insight.

All Advanced levels can go. We should have a 2* only level. And the others could be changed to 2* only by element. 1* heroes are useless after the begining of the game. You get tons of them at a high cost then you have to get rid of the bodies for more cost. They eat up your food like a bunch of rats. You can’t level up heroes with 1* heroes and a 20% chance on special skills.

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I agree, and training 2 and 11 give way too many 1s for 19 I can understand but 2,11 should definitely have a higher 2 rate. Or add 2* only training.

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Also try 16-3. I get swords, mushrooms and backpacks (sometimes 2 of the above) and I just keep pounding them out!!

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