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With a training cc amp, atm namely my level 13, is it capable of producing all 4 star heroes ie, rare, specials, hotm etc or purely the original heroes from the game? And the same with TC 20?

only the originals heroes from the game. no specials. that ones only with calls in events

So for special heroes I’m basically going to either have to pay or hope to the heavens that a random hero token pulls me a worldy.

Yep :slight_smile:

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U cannot pay for a special hero. U can buy gems and summon with a chance to get good hero. Keep this in mind before spending money :wink:

Hero tokens can’t get you challenge event heroes (guardians of teltoc, tales of grimforest, etc)

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For Event heroes, you have to use gems on the event summon to have a chance at them. For the Hero of the Month, you can use gems or tokens to do regular Epic Summons, or you can use gems to do an Event or Elemental Summons and they may show up as a bonus draw. There is no way to guarantee any particular hero.

TC13 guarantees a 3* or 4* regular hero
TC20 guarantees a 3*, 4*, or 5* regular hero.

Epic Summons guarantees a 3*, 4*, or 5* regular hero with a chance at a bonus HotM

Elemental Summons guarantees a 3*, 4*, or 5* regular hero of that particular color with a chance at a bonus HotM

Event Summons guarantees a 3*, 4*, or 5* hero drawn from the regular Epic Summons pool plus the special Event heroes, with a chance at a bonus HotM

While SG does not publish the odds of drawing a 5*, the data collected by the players here suggests that the odds are better from TC20 than from the summons gate


That’s what I’d like to hear, home-grown chances better than abroad. :slight_smile:

But keep in mind that’s global stats :slight_smile:
I reach today 200 TC pull and got 16 5*
My brother reach 100 in the week and got 2 5* so far.

Of course… I still like those odds better than ones I am getting now.

Cheers for the advice, had a bit of luck today on two random epic hero pulls managed to get hisan and Jabbar. Not the best but happy to get them from just two random coins.

Hasan is a great 3* green. You’ll want him for events

Your list is accurate, with one minor addition…

Epic Summons during the summer event also give you a chance at the seasonal event heroes (Sand people) as well as the regular ones. The same thing happened with the wabbits during the spring seasonal event.

AFAIK, TC13 and TC20 cannot produce them either.

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You are correct. If there is a fall event, we will probably be able to get those heroes in Epic summon too.

On the subject of training camps, my lvl 13 has 12 heroes stacked to be trained, I went to remove one and it flashed up that none of my storages are big enough etc so I’ll lose all resources. This isn’t true. My food storage alone holds around 800k and my houses hold 84 troops. So how I can’t fit 70 troops and 265k of food is beyond me. Is this right?

Did you have room for 70 ADDITIONAL recruits and 256K ADDITIONAL food? If you can hold 84 recruits and you had more than 14 in there already, you didn’t have room for the 70 you wanted to pull out

I have 4 recruits and 100k food stored atm as I’ve just gone one a lvl up and training binge which is why I was looking to remove some stacked heroes in training to replen resources.

Went back in and did it and it worked this time. Odd.

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