Training camp adds

I noticed that when I add hero training queues that I lose my initial training. Basically I had 20 min on a 30-min training and I added 10 more to the queue. When I did this the camp showed 5 hrs to completion. I’m not sure if I lost my initial investment of troops but I’m thinking that is what happened.

I should state that I collected completed heroes first and had one left in queue

Was that the view from the Stronghold? It tends to round up to limit the space. If you look at the queue from the training menu it’s more precise

Look at the below examples - 1 day 22 hours Vs 1 day 22 hours 49 mins


It was the view from my stronghold but it displayed hours and minutes. There was no reason to go from a 20 min queue to a flat 5 hr queue when I added 10x TC2 trainings. When I went into the training camp it was basically 4hr 59 min

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