Training camp 20

What is the percentage / chances of training a legendary hero?
My camp has almost completed upgrading to 20
Would need to research epic with the chance of legendary then I can get to it but I would love to have this information at my disposal :slight_smile:

There is a ginormous thread where everyone came together to track their results. The odds came out close to 5%- 5*, 20%- 4*, 75%- 3*.

A good thing to note is this has been confirmed by the devs to have a greater chance of 5* than epic summons.

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Thank you ,much appreciated 5% …

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I think we settled on 1/16, 3/16, 12/16 odds of 5*, 4*, and 3* respectively.


@Kerridoc thank you , you know what imma just give TC 20 many goes not expecting a legendary and when it does come about will be pleasantly surprized :slight_smile:

3.5 months, 1 crappy 5* hero, running two tc20 camps for majority of this time.

Random, as everything else in this game. Don’t get your hopes up, you may get pleasantly surprised or at least not be sour if your drawing luck is similar to mine.


I have well over 60 pulls without a 5*. Other guy in my alliance has pulled 4 or 5 in his first 50.


i got Elena today after 5 pulls since i started using the TC20.

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Yes… keep in mind that individual result may vary. I am on the low end of the scale ~2% 5*. In close to 100 tries. You may be on the lucky end of the spectrum, but it still is a random chance.

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I’ll have my training camp at lvl 20 in few days. I hope to have an epic (Wu very needed) or more a 5*

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Tc20 is a reliable source of 4*. View the 5*s as the cherry on the sundae.


Hope to have good more 4* over there !

@Aboisso27 well I hope there is a turn around for you , its a game of luck I guess

@aadi222 well I am happy for you :slight_smile: Elena red right?

@Kerridoc the 4*s will be handy for war I do need a variety of them :sunny:

My first 22 Trainings with two TCs, second started nearly 4 weeks later therefore the two tables.

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@Mattiacum that is a good idea to keep track of them clever I will use your great idea ,I still have to research my camp which takes 7 days, I underestimated the food needed for research and hence food storage upgrades it needs 1313k food …
Took a while for you to get a vivicia and you have loads of 3*s

yes she is a red 5 star.

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I just finished building my second level 20 training camp and was able to train immediately. I thought I’d have to do seven days of research like I did the first time. NOT COMPLAINING, just curious?

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Once you’ve done the research for something, any buildings of that type you have can make use of it if they have the levels required. Same goes for forges and item crafting as for training camps.


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