Training Camp 19 Suggestion

Good evening!
What I want to note is not a bug, but is just a miscalculation.
I propose to change the cost of the training in the 19th camp. I suggest to add “training manual” to the “rugged clothes”. These items are too often found as a reward that do not have time to “process” when training heroes.

Sorry, no. Some of us are close to exhausting our supply of rugged clothes . The manual has an entirely different role at a higher ascension level.


I am 45 level in the game and I have more than 3500 !! each of them!!! Is it normal? What do you think???

Why up the cost because of excess? Maybe I could understand finding another use for manuals but I wouldn’t want the store to up every thing by a penny just because I have a excess of penny’s.

TC 19 isnt even worth that…but I agree its flawed. It should be slightly faster and/or cheaper training for uncommons

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