Training camp 14-19

Something is bother me with the training camp and I would like a little help. On training camp 14 (or 13) there is a training possibility of a 4* hero, an epic one. At the next training camp 15-19 there are coloured possibilities or 3*, rare ones. I believe that is unfair and should train 3* & 4*, cause its an increase of the tc, but gives lower star heroes. Maybe I am mistaken? Please help

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Those training camps are generally considered to be pretty useless. I think most players just pretend they’re not there.


14-18 are the colored (usless) trainings.
There where many discusions here about changing (mostly) unused trainings.

Just “skip” them, don’t research… and go for 19 & 20

<3 20 :slight_smile:


To answer your question: no, TC14-18 cannot generate a 4*.

Don’t touch my TC-19! I am on my way there right now so I can use it to generate one star heros at one per minute (using 5,500 food and one rugged clothes of which I have almost 3,000).

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I think we all agree that 19 is used and useful. 14-18 are not. Let’s repurpose those to make troops.


I absolutely love the idea of being able to train (or covert) troops. I currently have around 10 yellow troops and 10,000 purple troops waiting for use. Let me convert them (maybe 5 purples into one yellow).

Great question. Im wondering the same :wilted_flower::v::sunglasses:

I don’t know but I am disappointed because I made a train in TC14 and it gave me Zudak 2* here. How is that possible? It should be at least 3 or more star heros. Any one have a answer. Thanks

Sorry. Those levels are considered useless by most because the maximum hero level from them is 3*. Only TC13 and TC20 give you a chance at a higher star hero.

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Makes sense why they dont include 4* in those camps but in that case we could definitely find a better use for them.

Wearybear. Count me in. Tc19 is awesome if you play it right. The others in this post are basically useless.

Tc20 is really cool if you are not already overloaded with heroes to level.

I find any of the tc options for a specific color way too expensive to make sense. 1,2,11,19 and 20 are the only ones I see as valid for the game I play.


Well, if you need to level up hero’s and their special skills have not yet reached their max, training camps 5-9 are very useful, they give you 1* and 2* hero’s of the specific color you need, instead of random colored hero’s. The most efficient way to increase a hero’s special skills is by feeding ten hero’s of the same color at a time. Example: The best way to increase a fire hero’s special skills is by using TC5, it gives you 1* and 2* fire hero’s.
TC6-Ice, TC7-Nature, TC8-Dark, and TC9-Holy. It’s not the cheapest, but it’s not the most expensive either, and you get the color you need. In my experience, the most useful training camps are: Levels 5-9, 11, 13, and 20. Level 19 might be useful for leveling up 3* hero’s, but if you are only focused on 4* and 5* hero’s, then TC19 is not the best one to use, because you need material for it, and it costs more food for each trained hero. Plus, since it only gives you 1* hero’s, it will take a great deal of food and hero’s to level up your 4* and 5* hero’s.
If your 4* and 5* hero’s have already reached their maximum special skills, but still have a long way to go before they are completely maxed out, TC11 is much better. It does take longer to train, but it costs much less food, you don’t need any material to train and you get both, 1* and 2* hero’s out of it.
If you are someone who is in a rush to level up hero’s, and you have plenty of food to spare, then maybe TC19 would serve you well, but recovering food is also very time consuming, and if you don’t have a lot of food, you will consume it very fast with TC19.
Training hero’s in TC19 costs a lot of food for each hero, and then using the hero’s to level up other hero’s also costs food, and if you train too many hero’s in such a short period of time, your food will go very fast.
TC11 is cheap, both in food and recruits, but they take longer to train, so it kind of works better, you can train many hero’s at once, and while you wait for them to be ready, you can focus on raiding, special quests, farming and titan attacks. You will recover a lot of food and not consume too much when you train more in TC11.
Consider this: TC19 will give you a bunch of 1* hero’s very fast, but the cost is more expensive and you will also consume those hero’s very fast, that’s a lot of food, before you know it, you will have consumed most or all of your food, and your farms won’t be full again until the following day, plus, 1* hero’s give very little experience to your 4* and 5* hero’s, it will take a lot of 1* hero’s just to increase them by 1 level.

I’m sorry but TC14 - TC18 work the other way.

Those camps won’t give you a 3* with a chance for a 4* of the color you want.

They will actually give you a 3* at most, with a chance for a worse hero than that.

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TC1 and TC2 give you that faster and cheaper - just have to wait for the colors. TC19 is the absolute best for this given how quickly they crank the 1*.

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