Training Camp 13

Has anyone ever pulled an Epic hero from TC level 13? I have done around 15 trainings have not pulled one. I know chances are low but would think I would have pulled one by now.

Yes, I do. After many 3* heroes I can’t remember.

It’s meaningless, try your best to TC 20


I did countless pulls. Never got an epic Hero.

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I have but the chances are low. Better to wait till TC 20 for getting 4* with the low chance of 5*.


I’m working on my base right now it’s at -9 once I get it to 20 I’ll level my TC up to 20, it’s sitting st 15 right now. Was just wondering if anyone has actually gotten an Epic hero out of it

Yes I have. My record from TC13 is 91 trainings and 5x4* hero.

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The chance is definitely there. When upgrading the TC on my first TC20, my second TC was sitting at 13, might as well put it to work while the first one upgrades. I’ve gotten some, not a lot of 4* out of TC13. Your chances at 4* is definitely higher at TC20.

In about four months of constantly running 2 TC13s I managed to pull 4 or 5 four-star heroes. Not many, but once in a month I got at least one. As soon as you have TC20 you will get 4* heroes regularly.

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I have had tc13 going for about six weeks. I have pulled li xiu. All the others are three stars so far

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My very first pull from TC 13 was Scarlett. I’ve pulled two others since then, Sabina and Chao. It’s been running about three weeks I would say.


My results

Empires level 13 tc results

  1. Caedman green 4
  2. Gunnar blue 3
  3. Borden. Green 3
  4. Jahinger. Red. 3
  5. Karil. Blue. 3
  6. Bane. Yellow 3
  7. Gunnar. Blue 3
  8. Renfeld purp 3
  9. Ishtask green 3
  10. Gray mane blue 3

Just upgraded to a second tx13 will report results

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Today’s summon

I got melandor on my very first pull and then nothing but 3*after that. I quit to use tc20 as soon as I could

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Lv. 13, just pulled this

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So I’ve been using traing camp 13 since the last few days in 2018 (around 18 weeks now)…sometimes 2 camps running simultaneously…so I would roughly say 70 attempts…got

1x Tiburtus (end of january) after at least 20 attempts
1x Kiril (beginning of march) after may be 40 attempts

Roughly speaking every 20 attempts (or 40 days) ~ 5% chance you will get an epic hero.

Tibs already reached last ascension and Kiril willl do so soon.

Right now TC 20 is built and in research and is going to launch next week. Forget lvl 13 from that on.

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So pls consider yourself extremely lucky.

Yes it is a 5% chance

I’ve pulled 2 melendor and gormek after a little over 40 pulls AKA. average luck

I have pulled a couple of 4* from TC13. At the time I was mostly trying to fill a 3* bench for war teams to replace my 2*, so I was perfectly happy to pull multiple 3s.

Of course TC20 is better, but we all have to start somewhere, and not everyone has 2 builders / enough gems to buy epics and legendaries / and/or wants to wait months to improve their rosters. TC13 is a solid enough investment for F2P (or very C2P) players to fill up their temporary rosters while waiting on TC20.

Just my two cents.

On my second try I got Little Jhon, after that there were 15 to 20 attempts and no other lv 4.

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