Training camp 13 - a quick overview for new players of 50 tries

Hey everyone!

Like many people that tried to play for free I rushed towards training camp lvl 13 to finally be able to train my very own 4* heroes. I figured the chances weren’t high and that was perfectly okay with me anyways -> can’t have it easy and free :slight_smile:. I’ve stopped trying once i hit 50 tries (51 actually, but didn’t make a difference) without any 4s and figured I could at least post it here for people to get an idea of what they can expect. They’re all 3s and I put the chance of getting that colour behind them (at least based on my luck).

Yellow: 7 (14%)
Purple: 10 (20%)
Red: 6 (12%)
Blue:12 (24%)
Green: 15 (30%)

As for a 4* I can only assume that the chance of getting one is less than 2%. Would love to see if other people had very different luck. If anyone is interested in which specific heroes i got in what order I can always provide a list ;).


I got a 4* on my 34th attempt so 1/34 which is about 2.9%… I think the range is 2-3% so about 1 in 40 or 1 in 80 days with 1 camp and 40 days with 2 camps going.

I think the RNG gods were messing with me. I had 3 or 4 3s my first few tries. Then the 6000 gem offer came through and I got two straight 4s that I didn’t need.


I got the 6000 gem offer too and got 85% 3* cards with 15% 4* cards and 0% 5* cards.

25 summons
4 4* cards
21 3* cards

After the 1/34 with my first elite training. I have been 0/12 so far with my second. I just hope I don’t have to wait another month for another 4* card. Atleast in the meantime I have cards I can start leveling up and not stuck at a standstill like I was for a whole month with max 3* cards.


I have enough 4 and 5s for a team so I’m now going to go for all 5s via training camps.

I have collected 4* heroes from level 13 training 3 times in 60-80 attempts (probably closer to 60, I think), so my drop rate has been in the region of 4 or 5%. I get the impression I might have been pretty lucky, though, so let’s assume for the sake of the conversation that the true drop rate is 2.5%.

If the drop rate is really 2.5%, what are the chances that you would go 0 for 51?

The answer is 0.975^51 = 27.5%

So if you assume a totally fair and random system with a drop rate of 2.5%, there is a better than 1 in 4 chance you will get no 4* heroes in 51 attempts.

It’s worth also mentioning that the colour distribution you received looks very random. If the chance of every colour is 20% then you would expect to receive about 10 of each colour in 50 attempts (though obviously not exactly 10 - that would be very fishy). Your results look a lot like that, ranging from 6 to 15.


I gave up trying i just put my level 16 camp on training for 2 day and hope for the best nothing going to chsnge so why get upset and i have 3 camps 1 is level 16 the 2nd is 13 and the 3rd is 8 castle is 17 so what ever if it happens it happens if not oh well

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Thanks so much for posting this. I have one training ground at 13 now starting production and soon will have all three on line. It’s good to know what I can expect and manage my expectations on how long it will take to pull a 4*. I have one 4* from a random Epic Hero token and plan on pulling the rest of my high level Heroes from either my base or random token drops. I suppose one day I’ll have enough gems saved for a 10x elemental pull but it’s hard to guess how long that will take!


I started playing early in June, and I’m not completely sure when I upgraded my training camp to level 13. Considering it’s probably been about a month or five weeks, and with each training taking two days, I’ve probably trained in total around 15-16 times.

In this time I seem to have gotten exceptionally lucky. I’ve pulled Tiburtus, Boldtusk and Skittleskull from the elite training, and while I realise that I’m at the more fortunate end of the spectrum, I’d strongly encourage players who need the heroes to keep one camp training elite heroes.


Wow that is very lucky. I have two camps going 24/7 and I’ve gone 1/34 around 3% for Tiburtus and currently 0/83 on my second attempt. My account has always been very unlucky with RNG. It worth it if you are lucky and not so when you are not.

I only have 1 TC13 going, I’d estimate for just over a month. No 4* yet, but I keep trying! :smile:

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I have camp level 17 and another 13 5 month playing still have not seen a 4 star congrats on your luck

I’m 0/3 right now. Small sample.

I pulled a 4 star hero out of my level 13 training grounds on my 5th attempt (Caedmon). I guess that was really lucky. I have not seen a 4 star after that (about ~20 more pulls).

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Final score for me is 4 out of 97 (was halfway considering doing 3 extra just to get to 100, but got my TC to 20 and it’s just not worth it).

For anyone losing hope, yes the odds are shitty - but others have been slightly more lucky than me. It took me 70 tries to get my first 4*, I got all 3 others before I got to my 80th try (and nothing since).

Hope other people have better luck, I’m keeping track on my TC20 outcomes and might report on that once I hit 50 or so.


I got my second 4* today. After my first one (Melendor), I shut down production to make fodder to feed my stable of heroes. I kept flicking materials at one TC13 just in case, but nothing like regularly. Today I got Kashrek. So two greens this far. :wink:


1/35 between two TC13’s for me.

I think we have a few threads about this very thing already, but my experience is still the same. I have two TC13s running 24/7 now for approx 3 months. That averages about 1 card produced a day over approx 90 days. I have generated 5 4* cards during that period (one a duplicate). So about a 5.5% drop rate. I am now moving toward 3*TC20 and should have my first TC20 completed in about 2 weeks.

If you’re running two TC13 at once, I find it extremely worthwhile if you’re in this game for the long haul. I just scored Grimm from a TC13 yesterday (but am sticking with Sonya, also from a TC13).


I have had 2 tc13’s running 24/7 for about 4 weeks, and have gotten 1 4*: Rigard. I already had Sabina, though, so my enthusiasm was limited xD. Well, that’s 1 out of about 24 trainings (4,2 %).

I think I’m in the abnormally lucky crew.

The very first hero received after I started my lvl 13 camp was Li Xiu. Since then, I’ve raised a second camp to 13 and after approximately 35-45 attempts (I don’t keep both camps training elites all the time), I have received Skittleskull & Sonya as well.

Assuming I’ve trained about 45, that’s a 6% drop rate. Freaky, right?

Not going to complain though because my luck at the summon gate has been surprising also with Grimm & Scarlett being the big successes on epic token draws (out of around 25 tokens), & just drew Sabina on a 10x elemental draw.

Wait, 2 heroes from 25 token draws is 8%. Okay, maybe I’ve just cursed myself to never drawing a 5*!

Anyway, running a lvl 13tc is, over time, a decent investment in recruits & food compared with the drop rate of ascension items. Thankfully, the improvement in the item rewards in the rare quests has helped ease some of my frustration about that issue now that I can fight through to the 5th stage & win on each one.


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