Training bug


Bug occurred 12/21 at 10:20 AM EST.

I had been training multiple tier 3 or higher Heroes, and decreased the number being trained to get the resources back. I did not receive the resources back. I tried again and same thing. Number being trained decreased by one, but I did not get my resources back.


Did you have room for all resources? For both recruits and food? If you don’t, you get back nothing, but get a warning message. Previous that message said that you wouldn’t get all back, but the last time I saw it pop up it did say I wouldn’t get any resources back (good improvement).


I had room for the food, but not recruits. Why doesn’t it give me back and max out recruits and then the correct food. Should give back the amounts and if you don’t have room, just max out the ones that are full.


I agree with you, but it isn’t how it works. I asked here on the forums too, before they altered the warning message. Didn’t you get a pop-up with a warning that you did not have the room?


I did, but it makes it sound like you only lose where you have maxed out. Not everything.

Can this be fixed? It should be a simple code change using an if then statement. Surprised that they have made it all or nothing, especially when resource costs are so high.


The answer I got, was that it is working as intended, so I don’t think they fill fix it. I just make sure I have enough room, before shuffling things around. Food can be easily spend and you can queue the recruits in another tc before emptying the one you want empty.


I do the same thing as Konijntje indicated. That said, since I stumbled on the issue, I’ve been more careful at planning my TC use. I queue up just enough work to take me to a time period when I know I will likely get to have some time to play, and I anticipate if it will be a time that I want to take the opportunity to change direction. (change color of heroes to train, or start a camp upgrade or a research).

It has worked nicely for me thus far… I hardly ever reduce the training queues anymore.

What I’d like to be able to do is queue up jobs of different types ahead of time in a given camp. ie. If I have queued training for 5 green heroes and I got an influx of recruits I want to use, I’d like to be able to say add the training for 4 red heroes. I don’t care it the red heroes training doesn’t start until the green heroes training is completed, I just don’t want to have to wait until they are done to queue-up the jobs.

I still think we should be able to upgrade more than 1 building at a time if we have the resources to do it. But that, as they say, is a separate issue.

Cheers, and try to keep on having fun!

  • FunCker