Training Alliance: Voidbringers&DJ looking for new players

Do NOT join this alliance!!! A terrible case of cooties is currently affecting all members, except the leader, and has them all too busy itching to bother with warring and titans…highly contagious space cooties in fact!!

Ok the cooties epidemic is totally under control!! We found the source, a 10 year old posing as an adult until he said “Girls are icky”. Once he was isolated and decontaminated we set him free back into the wild.
So, anyone is welcome, we have plenty of un-icky girls who are beasting wars, along with us guys who wander around aimlessly until told what to do.
If your brand new or have been playing for years, stop by and check out our all new “cootie free” Voidbringers alliance.

*******Your soul will be returned to you 5 years after joining this alliance. If may be slightly gnawed and ragged but otherwise in great shape!! Plus it will have a gold star affixed to it totally free of charge!!

@Dudeious.Maximus, @Aunty_Krauser, if either of you are EVER looking for an alliance, come hang out for awhile. I think you’ll find it a laidback, friendly, bloodthirsty bunch of lunatics…well that last part is me and Bmed, but you two are always welcome


Well this small training alliance just took down a way OP team in AW. Thanks to @Papasan and others I cannot tag as they are aka’ing it.
Anyway the cooties have not returned and we had a crab cake making contest so they are gone too. We have 3 spots left…for now, because not everyone makes it in this game for personal reasons.
We also have jumped up to 6/7* Titans which this amazing team seems to decimate.
I’m just here so I can be told how old I am and thanks for inventing dirt…which Moses totally helped with!!!

So now that we are free of the cooties and crabs we have been visited by space ghosts, you can’t see them, or hear them and they really can’t do anything BUT, we KNOW they are there!! Ruining Titan rubs with their spooky space powers, making your thumb move that tile AWAY from a red tile…yeah space ghosts we know you are there and we are currently formulating a plan where we can grill you and have barbecue space ghost ribs at our AW victory celebration!! So bring ALL your friends and relatives space ghosts, we are waiting for YOU

@GoDziLLa42, this is my alliance, or should I say OURS. We have brand new players, middling and even higher end. But we are a team, a family. You do whatever you feel is best for you. But if you ever need somewhere to get away and not worry about how many points you got in whatever, well, we will be here.
Best of Luck and I’m sorry you met the worst this game has to offer. As you can tell, the majority of the people here are absolutely fantastic, and really care. It’s why I spend so much time on this forum, there really is not another like it. Take that from a 50 year old gamer who’s been around the block…at least twice and once even without my mom

P.S The cooties were a lie. It was a cover story for the crabs

Lol i like my suggestion better

I do too, but don’t tell anyone!! Shhhhh

The festivus pole is up and we are currently in the middle of “airing of grievances”
It’s the perfect time to join, the Ebola is on the downswing although a few members are down with the Swine Flu. The best part of that is the are automatically removed from the “airing of grievances” so your chances are good!!
Come help us in our quest for world domination, one team at a time!!

P,S We should be at full World Domination by 2037 with a full 30 members full of maxed and emblemed 5*

We have begun our struggle for world domination, one team at a time. Yes, we have a LONG way to go but we will get there.

Now that all parasitic, paracausal, beings have been purged from our alliance we have begun our quest anew.

Come join us, players of all levels, from beginning to vet, we accept all. Just be a team player, opting out of war is always an option, Hitting the Titan is suggested but not forced.

Please bring cookies, as someone, who shall remain unnamed (it was me) stuffed them all down his throat

Would be happy to join and get in the war & go for titans even I’m only level 28. The alliance I’m member have less than 5 players active so I’m getting bored. Finished baking the cookies, how about an invite ?

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@Paraipan, it’s an open alliance. Only close it during war. Opening it now. Come on in. Glad to have you. Could use a few more war hitters. Plus level 28 isn’t bad at all!! Heck I have a few fresh off the presses :wink:

This will be what you are looking for.

@DrCasey, this is my alliance. Open invite, although I hope your alliance grows and you have fun. Tip for you, try to make your recruitment advert stand out. Also make sure you put it in the recruitment section of the forum. Explosions, fireworks would all help your add be noticed…but a frowned upon by the mods since the terrible “his eye was put out” incident

This invitation is extended to any of your friends and alliance mates I’ve been talking to

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Tired of the same old same old? Well come over and get a free bucket of napalm!! Have that neighbor you just can’t stand? Napalm. Don’t feel like mowing the lawn, Napalm!! Want a few days off of work? Napalm!!
You want napalm? Well WE have napalm!! Do you like fiery explosions!!! Well for a limited time we are including a 55 gallon steel drum with sparkler fuse, and a propane torch for FREE!!!

Voidbringers, making world domination fun again!!!

So here we are again with 500-55 gallon barrels of napalm, a non mobile target and no Apache helicopter.
If you HAVE a helicopter AND/OR would like to help us destroy all that stands in our way, stop in and say Hi…otherwise we think your a spy for the CIA, NSA, KGB, FBI or The Sierra Club and will use at least 2-3 of the above mentioned napalm, along with GM or Azlar to ignite.

If you belong to Publishers Clearing House Just STAY out. We do not want your magazines, will not pay for any magazines…although if you have an oversized check AND balloons followed by a camera man, we may entertain you for a few minutes.

Hola @PapaHeavy, What level of titans are you guys hitting?

May be looking for a new spot to park my F2P Alt.

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We are between 7-8* @Guvnor. Although it’s been a slow, lazy week for my little guys. Your more than welcome whenever. We are open, except during wars to avoid the “wait was that guy spying” conspiracy theories.

Anyone interested in joining a growing alliance, COME JOIN US. PapaHeavy is incredibly knowledgeable about the game and quick with helpful advice.
No stress alliance. Try to hit titan and use all your flags if opted into AW. Can’t commit to AW? No problem, Just opt out.
Join, you won’t be sorry!

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Well “sorry” is an objective word? I mean you may be sorry when I go on about something and you just wish I’d die and STFU, but otherwise I think being “not sorry” could apply? Possibly?

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