Training Alliance: Voidbringers&DJ looking for new players

We have recently tidied up our alliance and have some open spots.
Opting out of AW is ALWAYS allowed and we understand that real life takes precedence over a game, but expect members to play as a team.
If you don’t mind horrible flatulence and the occasional bad joke, stop in and see if We are a good fit.
Overall a solid group of players that look out for each other and are more than willing to help newer players advance.
Come check out Voidbringers!!

P.S No Knights Radiant welcome!!! We are trying to destroy the world as we know it and they seem to impeded our progress. Thank you in advance for assisting in ending all life as we know it!!!

We have already achieved world dominance so no worries about helping there. We are, however, expanding into universal dominance now. Down with ALIENS!!!

******our alliance name was slightly altered to keep a friend that is going through difficult times close to our hearts


Just bumping because, cleared out a bit more of the trash. I figure if you haven’t been on in 14 days, with zero communication that you would be away…there is a better, more understanding alliance out there.

Seeing as I’m Stormblessed your post caught my eye :wink: but I’m currently glowing so I’ll turn away now

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Ahhh Touché @Lilianna!! You are the very 1st to even know what that is relating too. Thank you Knight Radiant :wink:

P.S We do accept Knight Radiants since they are in all actuality the “void bringers”. Oathbringer clears all that up :+1:

:scream: wait what? They are? @PapaHeavy J/K, I have finished Oathbringer but I already had my suspicions.

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The story isn’t done yet though. But the humans came to the Parshman after they had destroyed their own world. The parshman took them in, after being warned not to.

Although there is more to the story. We aren’t necessarily the bad guys. Odium plays with everyone. It’s why the parshman forsook their old Gods and took on work form or mate form. So their Gods couldn’t control them again.

Sanderson is a master story teller

I believe Oathbringer was the start of merging the Cosmere as well; I think Dalinar may be the actual hero of the ages. Well sorry for hijacking your recruitment thread; free bump at least :wink:

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Oh no, turns out SAZED is the hero of ages. The last Mistborn book. I had a feeling it wasn’t Vin. Plus imagine all the knowledge of centuries that Sazed has so he was very adept to fix the world that Rasherak screwed up.

Sanderson has an anthology out that ties all his Cosmere’s together. Although Kaladin was my absolute favorite character so far.

And you aren’t hijacking anything. I’m happy to find someone that understands half the nonsense I spout :joy:

P.S Can’t wait for the next book in The Way of Kings. Dalinar is a very powerful being now. Plus he has that unmade trapped in the “Kong’s drop” jewel. Odium is still out there and his opposition “Honor” is dead at Odiums hand…although Cultivation is still about

Ah, but Harmony voices thoughts that he was not, in fact, the hero of ages in…Alloy of Law(?) I believe. And Oathbringer ties in characters from at least 3 worlds of the Cosmere. Navanis new fabrials sound like airships, which we also see in Alloy of Law. So many theories, so many directions he could take it :nerd_face:. I’m nerding out! Happy hunting for recruits. If I was homeless I’d join a fellow Sanderson fan.

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Love the conversation @Lilianna!! But Sazed already took the power. Removed the ash mounts and moved the earth to the correct orbit. Grass and flowers, yes the flower that Kelsier’s wife kept and passed to Vin who passed it to Sazed. He is now a God, which was a good pick because the Lord Ruler (Rasherak) made a mess of things because he lacked the knowledge that’s Sazed’s entire Terris tribe spent centuries collecting.

Yep, but now he’s a shard.

Also thanks for the free bumps. Still looking for several players, level doesn’t matter as we are more than willing to teach (have a few lower level players now) that WANT to help with the Titan and Alliance Wars!!! Not looking for someone who constantly throws there team against the brick wall defense (ignoring suggestions from the members) and scores 16 points off of 6 flags. Also not looking for any players that opt into was only to not use a single flag, or maybe use 1 or 2 and disappear.
Just lost an AW by 37 points, had 15 flags left. Needless to say I do not tolerate continuous nonsense. Warnings were given, please opt out of war if you don’t plan on using flags, and summarily ignored. So those particular players are off to a more understanding less wanting to play the game alliance.

P.S Had a nice winning streak going too. This team was tough but very beatable. Losing by 37 points or any of the 36 numbers under that is ridiculous. Sorry to Rant but if anyone is tired of players seemingly uninterested in playing as a team, give us a try. Always glad to have a REAL E&P player aboard.

So just had one of our stronger teams leave right before AW started. So we have a giant meat shield on the field. Not a good way to say thanks to your former alliance members, but it is what it is.

So now we are a pretty tight knit 15 member alliance, members vary from 2300 cups down to 30. A few are brand new learning players with zero cups. We do well in AW, work together in war and on titans.

If anyone is looking for a laid back, friendly alliance where they can take their time and learn the game, stop in and check us out. Almost all of our member (the ones that talk, there’s always those few…) are more than willing to answer questions and give advice.

P.S We even have a sailor with a plug fascination!!!
(Not an electrical plug either! Hope you’re not the only one confused by that :joy:)

My BF and I are looking for an alliance that we can learn from. We both just started and haven’t quite figured things out but we are actively playing. And I enjoy chatting and learning from experienced players. :slight_smile:

Well welcome to the alliance @Mack82. Glad to have you!

Like to use flags in Alliance wars? Like to watch the other team cry as you mercilessly destroy them? Like to kick puppies and push nuns out into traffic?Like to hit rare titans until you reap the rewards?
If so, you may be psychotic?

You might ask “Papaheavy, why does using all my flags in AW make me Psychotic?”
Well friend, it may not but it makes you a different kind of person.

You may also ask “Papaheavy, why does liking to kill rare Titans make me Psychotic?”

Well maybe it doesn’t but it does make you wanted in this alliance. We are slowly but surely building a solid team. We also have many new players who need help learning the ropes. So if you’re looking for a friendly alliance, don’t kick puppies or kill nuns (although we MAY be able to overlook the nuns depending on how evil they were) then stop in and say hi.

Please don’t kick any puppies, I’ll be forced to hunt you down and send you to the cleaners*

*******disclaimer: No Puppies or Nuns were hurt in the making of this post

*****On purpose at least

That is not dead
Which can eternal lie
Come join Voidbringers
Give it a try :man_shrugging:t3:

It appears a dingo ran away with one of our players? Don’t know if he was hungry or randy…I’m also not sure what said player would prefer?

Anyway, we have an open spot for anyone who can’t fend off dingoes and the occasional kraken attack.

Money is also accepted as we are so poor we can’t even pay attention!!!

We unfortunately just had to remove one of our co-leaders as the distinct lack of Titan an AW attacks was losing us wars by 11, 13, 12 points respectively. Very little “co-leading” happening.

But such is the life in alliance land. So if you have what it takes to join the Void, which in fact is very little. Hit me up on Line @ PapaHeavy69 or just look use up in alliances!!

Shameless bump of a shameless recruiting post. Plus I love talking to myself, I win 99% of the arguments I have.

I’d also like to mention we do have the secret of the Power of Greyskull…just in case anyone was wondering?

Or is it Grayskull?? I’m not sure, but we definitely have one of those!! :skull::skull_and_crossbones:

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