Training Advice - Planning - Long term defense team

Hey, had some great luck in Atlantis portal from 8 summons (coins and gems), which whilst awesome has confused my training plans a little.
After some advice on what my current - and future defense could / should look like and training priorities.

I focus on everything really, like Titans for loot, attacking raids, vs computer and wars lol.

(working on Frida to 3/70 then Sonya, might even start Sonya sooner, been craving her or Grimm)
Magni 3/70
Frida 3/38
Kiril +9
Sonya (new hero) 1/1
Thorne 1/1

Red (maxing Falcon, then finishing Gormek, then Scarlet)
Kelile +7
Gormek 4/42
Guardian Falcon 3/55
Scarlett 1/1 (new)
Colen 1/1 (new)
Gormek x2 1/1

Green (thinking i’ll take Gaderius to 3/60, then start Margaret or should I max Gaderius?)
Margaret 1/1 (new)
Elkannen 2/60
Caedmon +9
Gaderius 3/37
Gobbler (new), Skittleskull, Kashrek (going to feed away I think)

Yellow (spoilt for choice of 5*)
Onatel 3/70
Poseidon 3/34
Inari 1/1 (new)
Justice 1/1
Wu Kong +7
Hu Tao 3/60 (don’t want to max, going to try for Jackel later this year)
Li Xiu 2/5 (in no hurry to get to 3.60)
Danzaburro 1/1 (new)

Purple (working on maxing Tiburtus, then will get cat to 3/60… might ascend Cyprian after that if no better options arrive)
Sabina +7
Cyprian 3/60
Cheshire Cat 3/49
Tiburtus 3/44 (working on maxing now)
Sabina 2&3 1/1

Ascension Materials.
Have 7 compasses & 5 gloves.
8-11 of all 3* mats except warm cape only 3.

4* mats are a problem. Have 5 tomes & dblads.
5 mysterious tonics - didn’t want to give to Elk, maybe Margaret??
2-3 of all the other 4* mats so a while off yet.

Future 5* defense team… is confusing.
Alot of great Yellows & Blues, but odd mixes to make into a defense and to get enough mats to max multiple in the one colour.

Any assistance is appreciated.

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